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Readers Respond: How Do Weather Changes Affect Your Arthritis?

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Updated July 31, 2011

Many people with arthritis claim they are affected by weather changes. Their joints ache when storms are approaching or when seasons change. It's so dramatic for some, they like to say that they can predict the weather. But it's really not funny.

Researchers have studied the effect of weather on arthritis. Essentially, they determined that while weather changes do not affect the course of the disease, some people may experience worsening of symptoms -- and the degree of that is subjective. Are you affected by weather changes? Explain what happens, when it starts, and how long it lasts? What do you do about it?

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Osto fibro buldging dics spinal stenosis nerve pain rt arm and neck lymphedema and lipodema I have throbbing in my back legs arms and neck
—Guest Terry moskwa

June Gloom in July

Just came down another 15mg on Morphine from 45mg p.m. & 30mg a.m. to 30mg a.m. and p.m. The early morning humidity which lasts all day until mid-evening is killing me. I cannot function due to pain and the depression that goes along with pain is driving me into the ground. Doc won't give me Mobic due to mild kidney disease. I was told that coming off Morphine even slowly would make me hurt more, but I've never hurt like this on other 15mg. coming down on the morphine. The coastal fog is a killer and I feel like one big lump of pain and depression. Heating pads help, but only when the pads are hot and in place. Arthritis, Fibromyalgia are cruel diseases and syndromes. G-d bless all who suffer from these maladies
—Guest Lorilyn

Weather pains

As far back as I can remember (maybe 2 years of age) I've had weather pains in my legs and no doctor has been able to explain why? I've not had any breaks or injuries and yet it still happens. I have many memories of me as a child screaming in pain while my dad massaged my legs all knotted up and placed hot water bottles on them. As an adult I can bear the pain I guess I'm use to it now but still worry that I don't know what causes this.....Can anyone else relate?
—Guest Tamara

Weather affecting arthritis

I am adamant that the weather, high humidity, and low pressure affects my arthritis. When humidity is high I am in severe pain. All my body becomes inflamed, all my muscles are sensitive to touch. There is nothing I can do to relieve the pain. As soon as the weather changes and humidity has dropped I am back to normal with no painwhatsoever, I am totally convinced that the weather is responsible for the severe pain that I experience. I live in alice springs in the centre of australia the cllimate there is dry and I never get these arthritis flare up, for the last 2 months I have moved to fremantle a coastal town with high humidity. My life has been hell from severe pain as soon as there are clouds on the horizon and humidity climbs. In my opinion the weather and arthritis are definitely related.
—Guest robert


I am 63, lived in Fl. basically all my life, moved to Mich. to be with family for the past 5 yrs., have had two OA surgeries on hands in one year, OA neck, everywhere and back surgery...The Dr. Just told me to head back south for cold months, because the pain is unrelenting, even with medication....I have had enough of the cold on my bones and it is a deep chilling bone pain...To function I need heat... I always thought it as just an ol' wives tale'. But it is so factual. Enjoyed reading everyone's imput...
—Guest Woowowred1

Weather and knee pain

I'm finding out that humidity does make my replacement knee swell and have a lot of soreness. Other weather related does bother me but not all the time. After a knee replacement arthritis will disappear.
—Guest robert mossop

Rain or Snow

Several hours before a rain or snow storm, I am in so much pain I can hardly move. As soon as it rains or snows, the pain is almost completely gone. What a relief. Usually very humid summer days are bad too. Sitting in the sun helps the pain somewhat.
—Guest Gail

Weather changes hurt

I am 15 years old and whenever the weather changes or a storm is coming my ankles start to ache, the aching lasts from 20 min up to hours. Nothing I do seems to help. I have sprained my right ankle and that is the one that hurts the most. Sometimes I have trouble walking when this happens. The aches sometimes runs up my leg as well and affects my knees. Should I be concerned?
—Guest paige


I had no problems with storm or barometric pressure until after I had a car accident and developed fibromyalgia, disc problems and muscle damage. I don't even have to look at the weather to know that barometric pressure is up or that a storm is approaching. When the pressure is up I absolutely have a crushing pressure in my back hips and neck. Its like a mounting pressure from within. When a storm is coming, the pressure will slowly build as it gets closer and slowly abate as it moves through. Anyone who tries to tell me that weather has no correlation has obviously never experienced this on a daily basis! There is sometimes no amount of medication or anything else that will help with the tremendous pain until the pressure drops or the storms start to move away. I absolutely feel for all who are affected with these problems. Makes life a challenge along with life's normal challenges.



Dang Tootin'

I've had neck and spine surgery resulting in 2 types of titanium fixtures and I know for a fact that when the barometer changes, the humidity increases, or it gets colder, I'm in for some misery. I'm only 50 and live in Central Ohio, so I have had lots of occasions to be out in the weather. And lots of chances to be sure that's what is happening.
—Guest Humidity Rod

My Darwinian interpretation

If I were a nomad or explorer, joint pain before a storm would be a great advantage!
—Guest Alejandro

Bad weather increases my arthritis pain!

I have osteoarthritis in my knees avnd hips plus degenerative disc disease. When a storm is approaching or a weather front is on the way, the pain my knees and hips becomes so bad I am almost immobile. Once the front passes or the rain or snow storm is over, my pain decreases dramatically. I have become my family's weather barometer!
—Guest Mary Lehman


I found this site looking up "Why does weather affect arthritis?" I have arthritis in my knees, ankles, feet, wrists, back, elbows, and most of all in my hands. My hands just began throbbing and I wondered weather rain was coming in... sure enough, the the weather forecast is for rain the next two days. Humidity, cold, and low pressure are significant factors, as any sufferer knows.
—Guest fower

4 Weather problems

I have OsteoArthritis and Degenerative Disk Disease. Weather has extreme effects on me in 4 ways: humidity, cold, wind, and rain. Any of these alone is painful but 2 or more in combination are much worse. As far as when a storm is coming, my pain increases as a storm approaches. Sometimes when the storm actually arrives I get some relief other times there is no relief until the storm passes completely. I have moved from the midwest of the US to the desert and this has helped a great deal, (I can tell when I go back for a visit). It's obvious to me that there is a link between the weather and arthritis, I want to know scientifically what is happening and why.
—Guest Mary

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