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Readers Respond: Did Prednisone Cause You to Gain Weight? How Did You Deal With It?

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Updated July 15, 2009

Dreading this stuff

I just found out today that I have strep throat, the doctor prescribed prednisone, its only 10mg for 5 days, but I'm still really concerned especially after reading everyones experience with it. Just this month I've been getting myself eating right and feeling like I can do this, lose the holiday weight and what I had on before the holidays, I already have a big appetite the last thing I need is an increased appetite to throw me off. I gain weight really easily and already have a very chubby face... haven't slept in two days due to pain. I dread this.
—Guest kristin


I just found out a supposedly all natural Herbal remedy for Arthritis I've been taking for 3 months contains the unlisted ingredient of Prednisone...I have always avoided this drug because of the damage it did to my sister....I am furious that I only just found out by accident..I have put on 2 lbs a week for past 3 months...and I was always slim...worked very hard to keep in shape and healthy...I am almost 68 so the extra pounds at this age will be very hard to get rid of...could not figure out why I was so hungry all the time and why my belly and neck got so full and hard...almost hard to turn my neck, and I was not sleeping well at all...I quit immediately and now find out I shouldn't have...severe side effects unless I get back on them...guess I have learned not to take anything without checking with a Doctor and also that drug and herbal companies LIE about what is included...or just Fail to Mention a dangerous drug...good luck with getting off the drug!
—Guest Guest one of eight

100 lbs in a year

I was diagnosed with Crohns disease 2 years ago. I was started on 50mg a day and now, 2 years later, I am on 25mg a day. In the first year of treatment I gained 100 lbs. I weighed 150 lbs. before prednisone and now weigh just over 250 lbs. My body is covered in deep purple stretch marks. Initially I had tons of energy and a huge appetite. Now I have chronic depression and very low energy. Because no other medication has been able to tame my Crohns I cannot reduce my prednisone dosage without symptoms recurring. I once was very good looking and prednisone has taken all that away from me. The best way to deal with it is to educate people on your disease and on the nastiness of the medication side effects. When people realize you aren't just a lazy over-eater and that it's a harsh medication that you are on, they tend not to judge as much.
—Guest RyanK


Ok, one of my co-workers told me today that my face is starting to look chubby. I have been on Prednisone for the past 3 days...taking 6 day 1, 5 day 2, and now 4 day 3. I have a total of 6 more pills to go, and my cough has not lessened...I am PRAYING I don't have to get another refill of Prednisone because I just lost weight, and can't afford to gain anymore!!

Weight gain

I recently was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid and am being treated for it. Got a nasty cough after the holiday that landed me in prompt care. The gave me the Pred told me that if I read the side effects, I wouldn't take it. Though it was a low dose, I gained 3 lbs in 5 days and have slept very little. Since sleep is necessary for the body to heal, I'm not sure why this drug is even on the market. From reading these posts, my heart goes out to those who have suffered from its ill effects. I have one more pill to take today. Think I'll pass. Goodness sakes! Are doctors taught anything in med school but to write out prescriptions for drugs that make you sicker than you were to start with? A breathing treatment probably would have done me more good with less side effects. I will never take this drug again.

I have lupus



I was only on prednisone for 8 days because of asthma. And I only gained 6lbs. I feel so lucky after reading all of the posts. But even though my weight gain wasn't bad, I had some other harsh side effects like severe acne all over my body, and a chipmunk face. I wish the doctor never put me on this medication...I used to be so small and now I look like a balloon on my face and stomach.
—Guest taylor

Horrible weight gain

I started pred about four months ago, Im down to only 5mg a day but Ive had some horrible symptoms ranging from acne and night sweats, to facial hair and a lot of weight gain. For any one panicking, I know weight does come off and my skin has already cleared up significantly! My appetite is mostly back to normal now (although its never easy around xmas is it?) and I'm going to the gym regularly. For anyone else who is feeling depressed and angry about their weight gain, keep your chin up and know that with a little patience and hard work it can all come back off!! I keep needing to tell myself that these days because the depression is a killer!
—Guest rachel


I was a normal healthy 13 year old girl before I was put on prednisone because of 3 different eye conditions, before I was diagnosed 4 months ago I was 9 stone but after being in hospital with steroids being pumped into me because I would've went blind otherwise I started to have another flare up. I am also on immunosuppressants and I had the flare up at 25mg. I've been weaned off it -to atrt with 5mg a month then 1mg a month until I was at 9mg and then its 1mg a fortnight. I have gained nearly 3st and have stretch marks on my upper arms (on the front and back) underarms (they are crazy there's not really any skin without them) under where my bra would lie and on my legs. I have had some comments made about what I look like and when I walk into the school library people point and laugh at me, to make the people that's around me most at school understand what I've been going through I did a talk about everything in front of my class. I feel so bloated and its got to the point it hurts so bad.
—Guest Grace


I was diagnosed with Vasculitis (inflammation in the veins) caused by 'Wegeners Disease. I have been on Prednisone now going on 1 yr. Started on a high dose of 60 mg, then weaned down to 40 then to 35 and 20...now on 10 and almost 1 yr. has gone by. I HATE TO LOOK IN A MIRROR!! I've in the past 8 weeks put on 25 pounds, mostly in the belly and it is hard as a rock. you can drink a glass of water and look pregnant. I actually had a couple of people ask me how far a long I was. :( I'm 50 yrs. old and pregnant!! NOOOOO. Prednisone on BOARD! My face is swelled up, my tonsils are sagged down my throat and my uvula is also hanging longer! This is AWEFUL!!! I've been hiding and not going out much, hoping to be put into remission soon!! Praying I can lose this weight. Has anyone on prednisone been depressed??
—Guest Wegener's Gal

Lost weight on Prednisone

I had swelling and joint problems in my ankles and knees, Was put on Prednisone for 14 days. I have 3 days left. Because I was so scared of putting on weight, I've eaten really healthy and exercised and have actually lost 3-4 lbs. Plus, my adult acne has completely cleared up on my chin and back. Have not noticed any bad side effects but of course I haven't and won't be on it very long.
—Guest GRT1179

Prednisone for asthma

I am nearly 20 and I've had asthma my entire life. Every SINGLE time my asthma gets out of control due to the weather or allergies, my doctor precribes me prednisone. Every SINGLE time I dread it because I gain about 10-15 lbs. The stuff makes me so hungry it isn't even normal, but it does its job and I usually feel better relatively quickly. Much quicker than anything I've tried in the past. The extra weight sucks, but it's pretty easy to get back off each time.
—Guest Karlie

Crying every time I look in the mirror

I gained 20 lbs. in 3 weeks... I don't even look the same. I can't even look in the mirror.
—Guest Margarita

On Pred for 20 Years

I've been on Pred for 20+ years, but mostly on a very low dose (5 mg) due to other meds that helped control my Arthritis. But the other drugs quit working so I'm on 13 mg per day of Pred. I've always managed to control my weight by "eating right", but this higher dose makes me so HUNGRY! I try to eat low-cal food like veggies, but how many carrots can you eat? My weight is not up that much but I've put on an inch on my belly. I hate it! Did I say I'm always hungry? Reading your comments helps me keep trying. Yes, talk to your doctor and try to reduce your dose as much as possible. Good Luck to us all!
—Guest Old Guy

Prednisone weight gain

Did not gain weight, watch what I put into my mouth this time.
—Guest Linda
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