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Readers Respond: How Much Has Arthritis Affected Your Mobility?

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Updated April 02, 2011

Arthritis pain and stiffness can affect your mobility. As joint damage increases, it may become more difficult to walk, climb stairs, get up from a chair -- or even stand for a long period of time.

When this happens, it affects nearly all of your activities -- around the house, at work, and during leisure time. Consequently, maintaining your independence is threatened. There are mobility aids that can help. Canes, wheelchairs, walkers, and electric scooters help you get around.

How much has your mobility been affected? Can you still do housework, shop, and go out? Have you started using mobility aids?

Mobility affected

Can't walk far, can't climb stairs, can't drive, standing for more than a few minutes is hard, housework difficult, need cane many times, use wheelchair at airports, lifting and carrying things is difficult too.
—Guest anita8737

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