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Readers Respond: Is Arthritis Helped by Prayer?

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Updated April 13, 2010

Prayer is among the alternative treatment options for arthritis. Typically, you think of herbs and supplements, acupuncture, massage and other common alternative treatments. Prayer is a very popular alternative treatment. For those who are believers, prayer can make a difference.

Has prayer and faith been important to you since your diagnosis? Explain why prayer is important. How has prayer and faith helped you live well with arthritis?

To believe is to receive

bapearl333 & Remmiegirl have the right answer. Ruth, ask Jesus to take over your life and believe that He is your Savior. You will NEVER be able to believe the changes in your life!!!! Mark, stop trying to be so sophisticated & scientific. Let go...and let God. You'll never regret it. I've had severe RA since 1986 and since I chose to turn my pain over to God, I'm now in remission. Not just 'mentally' but proven in medical tests, etc. THANK GOD.
—Guest Jann

Be realistic

When you talk of prayer there are plenty of people who want to believe it will work, and believe it with such passion they will ignore more conventional means of pain management that can improve quality of life. When I say ignore I am also referring to researching and experimentation with alternatives. The reality is that this is a part of life and we all have something we need to overcome and if we do it expands us as people, which is God's will. So take a tip from a person who now understands why so many prayers are unanswered, there is no point in praying for miracles that are against the normal order of life. We are living in a world where rules like gravity, arthritis and rust are there for good reason. If you want to pray, pray for this to make you a bigger person.
—Guest Mark

Arthritis - Please Pray

Please pray for me. I am in intense pain. I believe in the power of prayer.
—Guest Ruth Rahaman

Thank God for Prayer!

I find prayer is of tremendous help to me with my arthritis pain. The Lord gives me comfort in my distress, as I believe He always hears me when I cry out to Him. I do ask Him for relief from my pain; and I also ask Him to help me to tolerate my pain in a way that honors Him. I have found that He has done both. The way in which I have found the greatest help is through praising the Lord by putting on worship and praise music, and then giving God all of my love with the musicians on the CDs with which I am worshipping. Whenever I do this, I find I am given the strength of Christ to do the work I need to do around my home, and the FREEDOM FROM PAIN to do it. Moreover, I am able to do my work with joy, whereas, when I try without prayer and praise, my success rate is near zero. So I am definitely a believer in the power of prayer and praise, and I would recommend giving your thanks, your praise, and your requests to the Lord to anyone willing to believe in the power and mercy of God!

Using the right tools for health

I recently handed over my pain to Christ and asked for guidance in how to manage my pain. That very night I received an email about a new drug which I promptly discussed with my doctor. She said it had just come onto the market and how did I know about it. I said a prayer request was followed by an email! I have now been on the new medication for 6 weeks and the difference in me is amazing. I should have handed my problem over much earlier. I will never understand why I waited so long.

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