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Readers Respond: Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

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Updated January 30, 2011

From the article: I'm Tired of Being Tired
Living with arthritis can be draining. Day in and day out, you feel sick and tired. You wake up in pain. You go to bed in pain. In between, you take on all of your daily activities in pain.

Many people with arthritis suffer with fatigue and malaise, too. There are treatment approaches that help manage the disease -- but no cure. Unless you are in remission, you face feeling sick and tired more often than you would like. It gets old doesn't it? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Is there anything you do that helps you overcome feeling sick and tired all the time?

Tired of being sick

Everyday I wonder what I did in my life to deserve so many health issues. Born with a genetic disorder, the rest just followed. The only reason I stay alive is to not punish my son with my suicide. Nobody should have to endure the illness and pain for so long. I honestly live one day at a time. I'm so exhausted, and so tired of hurting everywhere.
—Guest Burntout


i am fed of feeling ill i have sore joints in my hands and feet feel sick all the time doing my job is getting harder help
—Guest fiona mutch


I've had RA for nearly 20 years now, maybe longer. I'm at the point where I can no longer work. I have 4 beautiful children and their 4 beautiful spouses along with 9 beautiful grandchildren. Needless to say there can be a lot going on at times. I push myself so hard to do things with them, which is getting very hard to do. Since I've had RA for so long they are kind of use to seeing me tired or sore, but now it just feels so out of control. I was taking Humira for it but I have heard how bad it is for me or any one for that matter. The problem is that it did help a bit. So, now I feel as though I have to decide if I want a shorter, better quality life or a longer life in pain all the time. I'm a Christian and feel that if I take the Humira knowing what the outcome will more than likely be, that I am helping the doctor to kill me. This pain and tiredness has made me feel so alone and worthless. I can't stand it. I do have major depression. I will look into the watsu.
—Guest BON

tired and in constant agony

Hi all I have fibromyalgia,aspergers,asthma,spondylosis,bipolar,dyspraxia and think there may be another 1 !! Am sick of being in constant pain I am on fentanyl, oramoph tramadol pregablin and a lot of other tablets. I am like a zomby I get up in pain I go to bed in pain and have constant pain all day am 37 now and been like this a long time am sick of it now I cannot have a normal life. I buy things like a electric reclining sofa, tempur bed etc to try and make life a bit easier but I feel now I have had enough the only time am not in as much pain is when am in a hydropool but I have to pay privately as am over 16 stone I am not allowed in an nhs one please if anyone can help or suggest anything I have even stopped diet coke or anything with the artificial aspartane sweetner in which is supposed to make fibromyalgia worse. theres no cure for me and I have no quality of life now if anyone has any suggestions I will try mostly anything thanks in advance martin Bolton Lancs
—Guest martin

Stroke Survivor

I had a stroke 2 years ago and though I am able to do many things, I still am unable to move or use my left hand. I thank God for keeping me alive and I pray to Him everyday that He may heal me completely, please pray for me but I am sure that He has heard all of my prayers and that His healing is fast approaching, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE FOR THAT IS ALL WE HAVE. PEACE BE UPON YOU
—Guest muslim brother

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

I am new here and reading all the comments makes me feel less alone. I have severe osteoarthritis, hereditary hemochromatosis, autoimmune urticaria, fibromyalgia and multiple allergies. I am in pain nearly 24/7 and I am exhausted all the time. Just had my right knee replaced and need to have the left one done in the not too distant future. I am exhausted all the time and really miss being active. The isolation is a big problem for me, but most days it is hard to get moving and I don't feel like getting out due to pain and fatigue. However I maintain a positive attitude most of the time and I look for joy in all the little things which really helps. I hate the fact that I am 52 but I usually feel like I am 82! Having a sense of humor really helps though, so I try to laugh whenever I can. Thinking about trying laughter Yoga. Anyone out there tried it?

I don't want to be tired anymore.

I have RA, ASTHMA, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, & DEPRESSION. I don't want to be sleepy or tired anymore. I just wish I was strong like I used to be. Its hard to deal with RA, cause I can't concentrate well like I used to. I have fatigue & less energy, it's so hard to keep up but I know I'm strong that's why I don't let the pain get me.
—Guest BBK

Quality of life

I'm so tired of my quality of life! I am a breast cancer survivor, 4 yrs now. my ovaries were removed and since then I have been dealing with pain that I cannot explain. I don't have the money to keep going to different doctors to figure out what is wrong, and not to mention the worry that cancer has come back! I have insurance, yet I can't afford to go.. my life is a shell of its formal self. I'm only 47 and I'm thankfull for all that I have been blessed with, I'm very frustrated that I cannot live life like I should, or want to. Where to go?????
—Guest kelli sue palmer

This may help

With fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and hig blood pressure, I am coping extremely well, somedays almost no pain! Please try regular chiropractic treatment preferably torque release technique - not painful, very gentle treatment and my latest discovery is amazing! Watsu - water treatment google it! It helps tremendously!

Tired of being tired

I have arthritis in both knees and my fingers are beginning to hurt. I have pain 24/7. I continue to do as much as I can but that is not easy. Some days I just want to lie down and give up but I can not do that. Hope and pray one day things will be better.
—Guest B.Ann

Nothing helps

I've had Fibro since early 80's when no one believed in it. Was told I had an 85 yo spine at 55, back surgery, knee replacement, osteoarthritis, ank. spondy., facet joints compressing, on and on and the pain doesn't stop. I can't stand for any length of time or make it through a store without sitting on something when I can't go on. I limit pain medication because I don't want to be addicted. I pray a lot! I'm thankful for each new day and know there are ppl much worse off than me. So many ppl are sick with so many different diseases and I believe something is in the air, water, somewhere because so many are so young.
—Guest Crickett


Only 36 and been suffering with not only IBS but herniated disks, arthritis in my neck, plantar fascitis, bursitis and fibromyalgia for 4 years now. People look at me like I am nuts when I start rattling off the problems!! If I wake up not exhausted one day, I'm so excited that I'm giddy. It's so hard to ache from head to toe AND be tired. And I just found out that my fertility hormones are off so yet another challenge. I lost it that day last week. I just want SOMETHING on my body to work right! I also have 45 minute commutes each way and some days just want to drop. But I know I have it better than many others. Gratitude is really helpful with our problems!
—Guest kim

Sick tired sick tired malaise !!!

It is hard! It does get me down! This blog is grt! thanks
—Guest rhian

Way Too Young

I am so tired of waking every day and not being able to move my shoulders, wrists, elbows, hands... you name it. It's affecting my school performance as well as my emotional health. I'm 23 and drained and tired--despite being healthy in other aspects. On the other hand, I am lucky to be surrounded by people who care about me, I don't know how I'd continue pursuing my dreams without them.
—Guest kimi

Tired of suffering and crying

I loved working, now I dread it every day. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis in my spine, and I also have ulcerative colitis, many food allergies, dog allergies, dust, trees, ragweed, pollen, peanut butter. I also have scoliosis, forgot to mention always tired, sore, depressed. I have always taken good care of myself, rode my bike, worked out, power walked. I love dancing. It's more difficult to do these things as much as I used to. I don't give up easily. I have given up a little bit in the past 4 months. Can someone please help me figure out how not to give up. I want to live life to the fullest.
—Guest dawn
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