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Readers Respond: How Well Do You Cope With Pain?

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Updated December 30, 2009

Learning to cope with pain is important if you have arthritis. Because arthritis is a chronic condition, pain becomes part of your life -- part of what you deal with on a daily basis. Chronic pain ranges from mild to severe and can last a lifetime. How well do you cope with pain?

Honestly -- think about it. If you had to give yourself a grade for how well you cope with pain, are you an A or an F -- or somewhere in between? How have you been successful? Where is there room for improvement? Without discussing specific treatments, what has helped most in coping with pain?

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RSD sucks majorly

Hello fine people I have been diagnosed with RSD which is also known as complex regional pain syndrome...a really messed up nerve disease with no damn cure!! I'm really glad I'm not the only person who has seen doctors who can't figure out shit! I live in pain 24/7 and my doctors want to now take me off my meds.....they have no cure and no answers....all I hear is "I don't know" or "I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do!" WTF!!! For others who have this disease...welcome to hell!! Not many doctors know how to treat this....I'm so lost and alone and in pain!! It took my entire right arm from my shoulder to my finger tips...now my left hand is goin numb for some reason?? IDK...therapy is good but those who have this disease....you know damn well pain meds are needed just to do simple daily tasks like even tie your shoe, brush you hair, teeth..etc. well...I'm going to try and quit my meds..my doctor is making me because he has no answers....this is a workers comp injury....good luck!
—Guest nichole

Natural Helpers

I too suffer from pain due to OA. I go the natural route to cope with pain. Twice a month I receive accupuncture treatments to cope with the chronic flareups and body massage every 3 weeks to move the uric acids out the body. I occasionly take anti-inflammatories when things get really tough. I have managed to stay away from the high end pain killers this way. Keeping my mind busy with positive thoughts helps too.
—Guest Linda


I have pain all the time now and it's getting worse.... it's in my shoulders, in my neck joints, hands, fingers etc . I cry a lot because of the pain. Nothing seems to take the pain away. When my love tries to massage me, it is unbearable. I can't do things to him sexually or massage him and other things because it hurts. I'm really ashamed of my body, getting bumps all over my legs, neck, bottom, some on my arms. They feel like ingrown hair bumps but they're not. They scar and they make me feel ugly and I don't won't to show my body. Please help, I don't know what is going on and too embarrassed for my doctor to see. Thank you.
—Guest tina

Look 50....feel 90!!

No matter what I do, stretches, yoga, walking, Etc., I can not relieve my lower back discomfort! Some days are absolutely debilitating! I stand 8-10 hours a day for a living, and need to take an 800mg. Motrin before I leave work, just so I can get in my car to go home....HELP!!!
—Guest N. Young

Beyond comprehension

Signs of autoimmunity at 13. From then on, car accident, multiple surgeries, spinal injections, nerve blocks, nerve ablations, Major Depressive Disorder, Hashimotos, Sjogrens, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and now Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. The last one is the absolute worse! The excruciating pain is 24/7 down my entire right leg. Yesterday I went to a very specialized Spine Hospital to drain fluid from 4 facet joints, repair an annular tear and had multiple steroid injections in L2, L3, L4, L5 and S1. We're working now to "retrain" my sympathetic nerve response but since I've had RSD for so long it may or may not work. If not then the last resort is an internal nerve stimulater implanted in my spine with the recharging unit implanted into my hip. I have a very high tolerance but extremely low threshold for pain. I have been praying A LOT for some relief. I am currently taking 22 different meds. I guess I'm not too much fun at parties! Good luck to everyone here!
—Guest Southernbelle

Extreme pain

I have had pain since 2001. I was hit by a van while standing in parking lot. I have had knee surgery and had one hip replaced because of arthritis. I need to have my other hip replaced as well. Just can't afford it right now. I live with a lot of pain every day. I have been told by my doctors that I have a very high tolerance for pain; but it does get very disheartening sometimes. I wish they could find a cure for arthritis some day to help people with the pain.
—Guest wynne

Sleepwalking accident

I fell from a second story window whilst sleep walking, this resulted in 30 stitches in my head, ruptured bladder, hernias etc. now my back is playing up degenerated disc disease, heriated discs, sciatic pain in both legs, burning pain in the groin & hips no distention of my toes which makes walking painful, chronic pain all the time, been taking gabapentin 600mg 4 times a day= no good, 150mg pregablin 3 times a day= spaced out most of the time but pain still there, pain is part of my life and is a struggle. I am gradually becoming depressed but I'm strong for my son & daughter, pain is making my life a living nightmare and will continue to do so until I die. Any suggestions on how I am going to win this battle or have I lost already, reading some of these stories makes me feel like there is no hope, but if we have no hope we have nothing, keep strong, show respect, give love and receive pain relief.good luck to you all G
—Guest dude10


I have battled this for 3 yrs. I have the TENS unit but it does not help me. I have throughout my body. I would like to find a doctor who knows more about RSD to help me. Thanks.
—Guest Lisa Allen

Mono repercussions

In November of 2011, I somehow developed mono at age 64. I already had your basic knee & neck arthritis, sinus/polyp problems, and persistent skin rashes. It is now 4.5 months later and the mono symptoms persist; after 2 sinus polyp surgeries in the recent past, they are back with a vengeance; osteo seems to have turned into rheumatoid arthritis; my body rashes have changed character, will not go away and are driving me crazy; and my jaw has shrunk creating dental issues. With the failure of familiar coping mechanisms, the endless wait between dr. appointments, no working solution to any of the physical problems, and the lack of sleep, I am now on a fine emotional edge. The pain itself is bad enough, but being frightened that this will now be my life, plus the feelings of uselessness and unreliability and my partner's concern are completely overwhelming. It's awful to not look forward to tomorrow because it may bring an exaggeration of another old problem, or worse, a brand new one.
—Guest Bill Demma

Coping with pains

Some days are better than others. For me, the hospital that I am taking treatment is not doing a good job but I have switched to a doctor at his surgery and doing much better than before.The money is the problem cause I am not working, best medication needs money.
—Guest Nthabiseng

It's difficult

I am a 29 year old young woman living with illness for 8 years. Its difficult to cope, I can't even bathe myself or at times it's hard to help my son. I can't do my house chores any more and nothing seems to help with the pains. Please help me.
—Guest nthabiseng


I have had chronic pain for about 9 yrs now, my right leg and back hurt sooo bad. It's always there and never goes away. I have seen so many different types of docs and it's been a struggle to get them to help me. I am in pain management and the shots aren't working. I have had thoughts of killing myself as it just never gets better. The only way that I can function and take care of my son is to take pain meds. I don't even over take them, but I have been made to feel like I am a drug addict. I just don't understand why with all of the things out there they don't want you to use them. I am sooo tired of feeling like this. Please someone help!
—Guest amie

Jesus Christ

1 year ago I fell 26 feet from a building I was helping to construct. I landed on concrete feet first. I broke both feet, ankles, my left leg in two places and my back. For those of you out there suffering, I am with you. Despite what any of your personal beliefs are, Jesus Christ kept me alive on that concrete parking lot. Yes I hurt all day but Jesus is beside me helping me in His grace.
—Guest Randy

Sick of pain

I have had back pain since I was a teenager. I am almost 40. I cannot get rid of it. Shots, stretching exercise, new bed, cymbalta, methotrexate, enbrel, and vicodin, skelaxin no relief. I just had injections in my facet joints -- my back hurts worse. Went to pain specialist -- no help. I shouldn't have to cry myself to sleep. Many nights I need pain relief.
—Guest amorabella36

I Have Rheumatoid Arthritis

Two years ago I was diagnosed to have RA. Have swelling knees, painful joints almost all over. I was prescribed with Methotrexate. Knowing it's possible side effects I decided not to take it. For a while I took Allupurinol to manage high uric acid and at times prednisone and other pain relievers. Even these I experienced side effects. Hence I decided to stop them. How I managed my pain, joint swelling and emotional struggle? 1) Prayer and mental discipline 2) I take a lot of fresh fruits and veggies to help lower uric acid, help swelling (mangosteen fruit, lemon juice), pain (garlic, ginger, other herbs). Although the battle of pain and swelling is continuing but I have improved a lot even better than taking steroids and pain relievers.
—Guest TBA

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How Well Do You Cope With Pain?

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