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Readers Respond: Most Arthritis-Unfriendly Products

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Updated November 30, 2012

We often recommend products that are well-designed for people with physical limitations caused by arthritis. Some products are just everyday items, while others make great gift ideas for someone with arthritis. Ergonomic, lightweight, easy-to-open items are obviously best.

But, have you come across products that make you miserable? I mean, just using the product makes yours hands hurt or your elbow snap. It may actually be a product that, for someone without limitations, is ingenious. But for someone with sore joints and weak muscles, it can only be classified as arthritis-unfriendly. Tell us which products you think are arthritis-unfriendly. Allow me to start. I vote for squeezable jelly!

What Gets Your Vote?

Computer mouse

The rapid motion of computer games, such as Free Cell and Spider Solitaire, causes pain and tingling after just a few minutes.
—Guest Rose

United Healthcare's Medco Pharmacy

Refused my request for non-childproof caps for medicines... for arthritis! Their policy requires I sign a waiver every time I order meds. Really?

2 Arthritis-Unfriendly Products

Staplers! If no one is around to help, I have resorted to stepping on the stapler instead of using my hands. Also, childproof pill bottles from the pharmacy with tops that require you to push down (ouch) and then twist (ouch!).
—Guest Auntie Leelee

Car door

I hate having to get in any car because I can't bend my back. I have to put one leg in first, sit one half of my body then drag the other leg in. At the same time I have to close the door, it feels awful like your back is going to break. If I am lucky then someone else closes the door for me.
—Guest Bilal Rafiq

Car seats

Baby car seats are horrible for people with arthritis in their hands. A person needs strong thumbs to release the seat belt and it is very hard for me.
—Guest Terri Nixon

Arthritis-unfriendly Products

I have to vote for another squeeze product, the TeddyBear Honey containers.

Light switches

Rocking type on and off electric switches especially made for arthritic people.
—Guest sharon Brooks


Twist-off lids on jars & bottles, such as orange juice, jarred spaghetti sauce, bottled water.
—Guest Yvonne Marple

Tear-out cards in magazines

I hate how many tear out cards are in magazines. Ironically, one of the worst offenders is Arthritis Today!
—Guest JudyP

Water bottles,,,UHG!

In corporations, efforts to decrease the amount of plastic used when creating drinking bottles they have also decreased the number of customers. I have found myself completely avoiding some Coke products simply because of the size of the cap on it. This has been a major peeve of mine for some time now and reason enough to write a complaint letter to the company. Stating the growing number of consumers that for one reason or another have weakness in their hands making opening one of their water bottles in particular especially difficult if not impossible all together. Great! Save the earth, yes; but limiting your consumer base in the process is just bad business.
—Guest Branwen

Unfriendly arthritis product

One product that comes to mind are the water bottle caps. Also coming to mind are the touch screen of a phone. Somedays it is very hard to control my fingers enough on that small screen.
—Guest Paula

What Gets Your Vote?

Most Arthritis-Unfriendly Products

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