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Readers Respond: How Do You Tame an Arthritis Flare?

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Updated August 11, 2011

When an arthritis patient says "I'm in a flare", that's not good. It means their arthritis symptoms have worsened from their usual level. Typically, they are having more pain, stiffness, and possibly even more swelling due to increased inflammation.

The increase in symptoms can interfere with usual activities. It's important to bring the flare under control as quickly as possible. What works for you when you experience an arthritis flare? Do you have a routine that includes using a heating pad, bedrest, massage, or meditation? What has your doctor told you to do? What works for you?

Arthritis flare

I have never heard of an arthritis flare, but this sounds like what I am having. This has been one of the worst days, or 3, that I have ever had. I don't know how to deal with all this pain, and I can't get in to my doctor on my really bad days.
—Guest Mabel

Rest and braces

If the flare is in the wrist, wear braces, if in the legs, knee, hip, or ankles, rest. Staying off the affected joint for a minimum of 7 hours and adding ibuprofen for the same 72 hour period.

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