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Share Your Story: Handling Big Events and Tourist Atractions With Arthritis

By ouchouchouch

Updated July 07, 2011

Are you still able to attend big events/attractions?

Most of the time I choose not to attend crowded events/attractions. I have sometimes rented a scooter - but they always charge very high fees. It seems like they are taking advantage of the handicapped. My husband has Parkinsons, so he is not able to push a wheelchair.

Share your most recent experience at a big event?

After parking in the handicapped parking, I struggled to the event and carried my own stool! Once there I was able to enjoy the event while sitting on my stool. There was no seating offered for anyone. Everyone had to stand. Because they were standing and I was seated, I couldn't see the event - only heard it.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Bring a taller stool
  • Arrive earlier
  • Skip it

Do you regularly use a cane, walker, or wheelchair?


Need a cane, walker, or wheelchair for a big event?


Has arthritis caused you to miss many events?


Is it depressing to skip an event?

Yes , but I try to take advantage of smaller events where I can manage.

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