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Reader Stories: How Do You Keep Working With Arthritis?


Updated February 09, 2013

When you live with chronic arthritis pain, it's hard to keep working. Some people with severe arthritis have to stop working and go on disability. It's a blessing if you are able to keep working with arthritis.

Many factors contribute to whether you can continue working, including the relationship you have with your employer or immediate supervisor, your work environment, the flexibility of your schedule, and your ability to be a productive worker.

What has contributed most to your abilty to keep working? Have you had to adapt or make adjustments?

I Have to Work!

Sometimes, because I have other autoimmune disorders, besides RA. Sometimes I can't get out of bed and if I do, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I hurt. My employer is pretty understanding. Last yea…More

Don't Stop Moving

Yes. I'm not able to run or jog to emergency calls and limited on continuous use of staircases. Also, I'm diabetic and normally reach my walking goal of 10,000 steps and on several occasions exceeded…More

I'd Quit Work in a Heartbeat If I Could

Flares of arthritis and fibro make me feel like crap, but have to go to work anyway. Yes, the medication helps, but during a bad one, it takes a couple of days for them to calm down. Having to stay t…More

Working Is Kind of Like Therapy

In my opinion no, but when boss fired me (last time in Polish NMI) said that my health is cause. It is no matter that my division made the supreme profit, that I am working (via laptop and mobile pho…More

Love my job but maybe can't continue

I recently have been taken out of work due to arthritis. My bones ache and I have had surgery on my foot and my left knee, and 3 years later I can hardly step forward because of the shooting and burn…More

Working with arthritis is not easy

Absolutely. Lifting, walking, standing, any type of repetitive motion with hands is very difficult. I would not be able to finish an 8 hour day. With wrist pain I am limited to the time I can spend o…More

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