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My SSDI Experience

Share Your Story: Applying for SSDI

By Brenda

Updated March 02, 2010

The Decision to Apply for SSDI

I had trouble walking, my hands, elbows, ankles & shoulders hurt especially @ night when I tried to sleep. My knees felt as if someone wrapped cement around them, my hands hurt all the time even to the touch, I was very stiff; I had no idea what I had; I HAD THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE! I was diagnosed with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS...MY Doctor diagnosed me with a sediment of 85% inflammation, my pain was unbearable!

The Application Process

The application process was tedious! You are expected to recall your physical actions 10 years ago; lifting, sitting, walking, bending, reaching, the length of time it took you to perform, etc. You are asked to recall your last employers and the type of work you performed. It's important to All - please maintain your employment records in a secure file cabinet along with your W2's anything that would help you with the application process...I maintained all my records. Doctors - please have a record of ALL doctors who diagnosed you, x-rays, clinics and any studies you participated in; phone numbers & addresses. Have proof of your CONDITION! Start your application process when you receive it; it is so detailed you will stop several times before continuing; you have 10 to 15 days to complete and submit or you risk DENIAL! ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS TO THE BEST OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Completed my paper work before receiving a letter of DENIAL if I did not turn my paperwork in by the deadline.

Was the decision to apply for SSDI bittersweet?

I had records of everything - I pulled out my file cabinet

Did you use a lawyer to apply for SSDI?

No - I prayed after completing my paper work and left it in GOD'S HANDS!

How long did it take to get a decision?

Maybe 2 months -

Applying for SSDI: 1-10 (1 = awful, 10 = no complaints)

1 - it was awful but my outcome was good!

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