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Disability Review Turned Out Fine

Submit an Entry: What Happened During Your Disability Review?

By Mcgeady

Updated February 23, 2013

Did you go through a disability review?

I have been on disabilty since Dec 2009. On April 2011 I was given the award letter, but it did not mention any specific date for the CDR. On May 2012 I enrolled in the Ticket to Work program and have not heard anything since. Called the Ticket program but they have not been able to even get me a 20hr a week position. Called the Local SS office and asked if I could enroll in school, because the VA would pay for it. That would not be a problem and since I am 62 this Aug my CDR would happen after I am 65.

Are you due for disability review every year? 3 years?

So I figure it must have been a 7 yr review. I found that if you ask Social Security for some nagging questions they are pretty helpful or maybe I was just lucky. I also know from experience that even with the Ticket to Work they can only find you something if it is out there, plus if you ever fill out an application you have to give your education experience and give dates. So forget about age discrimination, it happens all the time.


  • Though it can be a worrying time most of the people that have one over 97% continue to get disability. You have done enough worrying.

Were questions they asked difficult or surprising?


Did you see a doctor for the disability review?

Did not have to but I continue to see my doctors at the VA.

Were you told immediately that you passed the review?

Not applicable mine was a 7 yr review

Were you nervous before the disability review?

Yes. I was nervous when I called Soc Sec but everything turned out fine.

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