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Reader Submissions: What Happened During Your Disability Review?


Updated March 10, 2011

When you get the notification that you have been awarded Social Security Disability, it feels like the battle is over. But read the whole award letter - there is mention of periodic disability review. Have you gone through a disability review? Share your experience with the disability review process.

Surprising Question at Disability Review

No. I was 63 1/2 when I got my disability and my payments got switched to regular SS payments at 65. I was never called for a review. Even though I had to pay COBRA insurance payments during that tim…More

Disability Review

My doctor is the only connection to a review. No pre-determined schedule.The problems I am experiencing are, that I do not want to feel totally befuddled with taking constant medication and end up le…More


Every 5 years in my state. I am coming up to my fourth year. And when I do go back for a review I will hire the same lawyer I had. I know he will know exactly what kind of information I will need to …More

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