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Reader Reviews : Best Car for People With Arthritis?

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Updated March 29, 2011

Most people choose a car based on size, style, or price. People with arthritis have extra considerations when shopping for the best car. The best car for someone with arthritis is one that doesn't cause pain when getting in or out and one that is comfortable to drive considering physical limitations.

There are certain features that might be helpful. A 6-way adjustable seat allows the driver to be as comfortable as possible. An electronic ignition would be a great feature, especially for someone with hand arthritis. Many more features are available too. What have you found is the best car for someone with arthritis?

2006 Ford focus

I have ankylosing spondyitis and have very difficult time getting in and out of this, or any, small car, The doors are just too small for my 6' 250# frame. ., I have a 2004 Mustang conv. that access …More

2007 Mazda 5

I have arthritis, DDD and a spinal birth defect along with other issues pertaining to a severe case of whiplash. This car is by far the BEST I have ever driven with my limitations,. When I first got …More

Honda Odyssey Touring Model Best for Arthritis

I find that stepping up and down when getting in and out of a vehicle is much easier and doable than twisting in your seat and then trying to rise up or sit down in a normal/low slung car. I can almo…More

2001 Ford Focus Hatchback

I am only 4 feet tall & all cars except for Ford I need my gas pedal extended. The Ford I can move the seat up far enough to reach the pedals. The only problem is I am too close to the steering wheel…More

Best Car - Honda Accord

I think this car is a good choice for people with arthritis because of its comfortable seat and good lumbar control. Car also has good pickup.…More

Best Car - Ford Focus

The Ford Focus was actually designed by Ford using a "3rd age suit." The suit allowed the test drivers and designers to feel like they had physical limitations like arthritis to test the features. Th…More

Best Car -Subaru Forester

This car is one of the safest on the road and therefore cost of insurance is low because of this.The car itself (small SUV) is very accessible. I have osteoarthritis and just swing in and out of the …More

Best Car - Ford Taurus

I have owned this car for over 2 years and love it. It has a great smooth ride and a spacious interior for stiff joints on longer trips. It is easy to get in and out of for both my wife who has RA an…More

Best Car- Honda Odyssey EX-L

The Odyssey is a dream car for someone with chronic pain. The club seats provide comfort I don't find in other cars. The seats have warmers. Everything is within easy reach. Steering wheel has had ad…More

Best Car - Lexus LS430

My biggest problem with cars is when the driver's seat is angled sideways, for the right leg to be lower than the left for smoother access to the pedals. This destroys my sacroiliac joint. I shop for…More

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