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Abeo Mary Janes - Comfortable Shoes for Arthritis

Reader Reviews: Comfortable Shoes for People With Arthritis

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By tirednurse99

Updated March 09, 2012

Comfortable Shoes

Shoe brand / style name: 

Abeo Mary Janes

Type of shoe (walking, athletic, casual, dress etc.): 

General use

My Review 

Broke my leg and was experiencing severe swelling and joint pain in the ankle and knee. None of my shoes fit me and I needed shoes to go back to work light duty. Found these Abeos at The Walking Company store. They stretch and fit! I thought it would be impossible to find shoes to accommodate the swelling but these do the trick! And they help with the arthrtitic pain in my knees too!

Tie, slip-on? 

Mary Janes with 2 Velcro straps

Where available? 

The Walking Company store ... Ross Park Mall Pittsburgh

Price range? 


True to size? 


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