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Weight Control and Arthritis - Information on Controlling Your Weight

Information on weight control and arthritis. Side effects of some medications used for treatment along with limitations imposed by the disease itself can make controlling weight a problem for many arthritis patients. Being overweight impacts the weightbearing joints and can increase the pain of arthritis.
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Maintaining Your Ideal Weight With Arthritis
It is important for arthritis patients to maintain their ideal weight. Extra pounds burden the joints.

What Makes People With Arthritis Overweight?
Many factors can play a part in weight gain. Although you may not be able to control all the factors that lead to being overweight, you can change your eating and exercise habits.

Arthritis & Weight Loss Quiz
A sedentary lifestyle, medication side effects, and not always eating as healthy as possible are all contributors to weight gain. How much do you know about maintaining ideal weight and weight loss?

Extra Pounds Increase Pain
Being overweight, even just moderately, burdens the joints and increases pain and inflammation.

Sound Advice For People With Arthritis About Weight Loss
Many people with arthritis have a hard time controlling their weight.

15 Common Myths About Weight Loss, Nutrition And Diet
With so many products and weight-loss theories out there, it's easy to get confused. How much do you really know about weight loss, nutrition, and diet?

How to Start Eating Healthier
Follow these 12 tips for eating healthier.

How To Control Your Weight With Regular Physical Activity
Regular physical activity can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. Being physically active can also make you more energetic, improve your mood, and reduce the risk of developing some chronic diseases. Learn how to better take advantage of the health benefits of physical activity.

Control Food Portions to Maintain Healthy Weight
Watching food portions will help you maintain your ideal weight.

How To Choose a Safe and Successful Weight Loss Program
Choosing a weight loss program may be a difficult task. You may not know what to look for in a weight-loss program or what questions to ask. These tips can help you make an informed decision about joining a weight loss program.

How To Measure Body Mass Index (BMI) And Waist Circumference
Health care providers use body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference measures to assess a person's risk of developing arthritis, or other health problems. Today, 64.5% of U.S adults are overweight or obese. How do you know if you are among them? Learn how to measure your BMI and waist circumference, and what these measures mean for your health.

How to Spot Weight Loss and Diet Scams
Beware of scams that promise quick ways to lose weight.

Low Carb Diets and Arthritis
The Atkins Diet, the Zone, and the South Beach Diet are all low carb diets which have generated a lot of publicity, not all of which has been favorable. Low carb diets have potential negative health consequences such as increasing the risk of gout, osteoporosis, and more.

Sedentary lifestyle - How important is it for an arthritis patient to avoid ...
It is rather easy to become less active and fall into the pattern of a sedentary lifestyle because of the pain, fatigue, and limitations caused by chronic arthritis.

Weight Loss Guide
Most people know that being overweight is not healthy, yet losing weight can be difficult. This guide will help you through the weight loss process by explaining how successful weight loss really happens. If you've tried to lose weight before, don't view past efforts as failure. Instead, learn better weight-loss strategies, try again, and make this time different!

Obesity: Overview & Treatment
Obesity is also defined as a BMI (body mass index) over 30 kg/m2. Patients with a BMI between 25 and 29.9 are considered overweight, but not obese.

How to Calculate Body Frame Size
Body frame size is determined by a person's wrist circumference in relation to his height.

Is There A Shortcut To Weight Loss?
How your shortcut might end up the longest road to your health and fitness goals.

Weight management
Weight management means keeping your body weight at a healthy level. The terms "overweight" and "obese" are used to describe excess body weight. They do NOT mean the same thing.

An In-Depth Report: Weight Control and Diet
An in-depth report on losing and managing weight safely for health benefits.

Losing weight with exercise
Exercise is important for most people, but it is especially important if you are trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss Myth Busters Quiz
Think you know your stuff when it comes to weight loss? Test your knowledge on everything from calorie counting to portion control with our Weight Loss Myth Busters Quiz.

How to Talk to Your Doctor about Weight Loss
Frank talk with your physician about weight loss.

The Top 50 Foods for Fat Fighters
So, you're ready to make your lifestyle change and eat healthier. Clear out that kitchen and stock it with these staples that will help you cut fat and calories.

Top 10 Ways to Control Portions
Ask anyone who has achieved long-term weight loss how they did it and they're sure to mention portion control. In fact, it can make or break your weight loss efforts. Learn how to size up servings and avoid overeating with the Top 10 Ways to Control Portions.

How to Cut 100 or More Calories
Oh, how we can cut calories...let's count the ways! Here's the bottom line: one pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Whether by making slight changes to your diet or exercising, a deficit of 500 calories a day will lead to the loss of a pound a week. Remember, it's the small changes we make every single day that make a big difference in the long run!

An Introduction to The Atkins Diet
The core concept of The Atkins Diet is Dr. Atkins' theory that over-consumption of and hypersensitivity to carbohydrates is the root of our problem with being overweight. The principle he bases his plan on says that it is the way your body processes the carbohydrates you eat -- not how much fat you eat -- that causes you to gain weight.

Understanding Weight Loss Plateaus
Obstacles to strength, endurance and weight loss. Almost everyone reaches a weight loss plateau at some point in their fitness lives. The reason is that the human body works hard to keep energy intake and output in balance. In other words, your body does not like to lose weight.

15 Facts for Weight Loss Newbies
From setting realistic goals to knowing how often to step on the scale, here are 15 useful facts for weight loss beginners.

The South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet is divided into three different phases. The first phase lasts for two weeks. Each phase includes specific meal plans and recipes. Weight loss advice focuses on a healthy balance between carbs and fats -- "good" carbs and fats, that is.

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is one of the most successful weight loss programs of all time. With group support and a lenient eating program, it continues to prove very popular with participants of all ages and varied weight goals. The program's eat-what-you-want approach directs members towards an all-things-in-moderation way of living rather than a diet mentality.

The Zone
The Zone's food plan consists of 40% of your daily caloric intake in the form of carbohydrate, 30% of protein, with fat making up the final 30%. Portion is a Key Principle. Getting used to assessing your portion sizes is one of the main skills of mastering this plan.

Surprising Causes of Weight Gain
It's true that we gain weight when we eat more than we can burn off. But this conventional diet wisdom does not always hold true and can explain difficulty with diets and weight loss. Weight gain can also be caused by health conditions such as hypothyroidism, food sensitivity, Cushing's syndrome, organ disease, prescription drug use, anxiety and other imbalances.

10 Tips For Healthy And Permanent Weight Loss
Your weight reflects your total calorie consumption, how much you exercise, and your metabolic rate, but the composition of the food you eat is also important.

Arthritis Increasing in Baby Boomers
Study finds link between arthritis and rising obesity rate.

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