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Weather & Arthritis - Barometric Pressure Affect - Humidity - Climate

Information on the effect of barometric pressure and climate on arthritis. Some people with arthritis claim they can forecast the weather based on their pain level.
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Share How Weather Affects Your Arthritis
Many people with arthritis claim their joints ache when storms are approaching or when seasons change. How do weather changes affect your arthritis?

Weather - Do You Feel the Storm Approaching?
Do weather changes cause arthritis pain to worsen? Many people say yes.

A Connection Between Weather and Arthritis?
Why is the effect of weather changes on arthritis true for some but not for others?

POLL: Do Weather Changes Affect Your Arthritis?
There is an ongoing debate about whether the weather affects arthritis. Only people who have arthritis can tell us how they are affected or if they feel any change in their pain levels during rainstorms, snowstorms, or changes in barometric pressure. Vote in our poll.

Weather Pains
Map of the daily Aches & Pains Impairment Factor for your region and informative articles about arthritis and weather.

AccuWeather Launches Arthritis Index
AccuWeather has launched the AccuWeather Arthritis Index, an index that combines all of the weather factors that may affect arthritis sufferers summarizing it into an easy to use scale. To check your local area, go to AccuWeather and enter your zip code.

Whether Weather Affects Arthritis
Doctors who specialize in the treatment of patients with arthritis generally agree that many patients experience a worsening of joint symptoms with changes in the weather, from MedicineNet.

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