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Ultrasound treatment uses high-energy sound waves to treat painful joints and muscles. Its effectiveness to relieve pain is still in question.
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What is Ultrasound?
A brief explanation and fast facts about Ultrasound.

What Is a TENS Unit?
A TENS unit sends electrical impulses to block pain signals.

Physical Therapy: TENS, Ultrasound, Heat and Cryotherapy
Modalities should always be considered an adjunct to an active treatment program in the management of acute low back pain. They should never be used as the sole method of treatment, from Spine Universe.

Ultrasound Therapy (The History of Ultrasound)
The use of ultrasound in physical therapy dates back to the 1940s. The use of ultrasound therapy has gained progressive popularity in departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation throughout the United States and Europe, from Dr. Joseph S.K. Woo.

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