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Traveling With Arthritis - Planning & Preparation Key To Traveling

Information and tips for traveling with arthritis. People with arthritis can be faced with obstacles when traveling, but with careful planning and preparation the obstacles can be overcome.
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Travel Destination Ideas for People With Arthritis
Most big cities, parks, and entertainment venues are accessible to people with disabilities.

Handling Big Events and Tourist Atractions With Arthritis
Most big events and tourist attractions require a lot of walking, stamina, and endurance. Taking on a big event or tourist attraction almost seems impossible for someone with arthritis - or is it?See submissions

Traveling With Arthritis Medications
Arthritis medications must be properly stored and handled when you travel.

Travel Tips for People With Arthritis
With forethought, careful planning, and preparedness people with arthritis need not give up on traveling and experiencing the world.

How to Travel With Arthritis
A list of tips to make planning a trip easier and more accessible.

Vacation Health Care Checklist
A simple travel/vacation checklist with health tips for better planning before you leave and what to do once you are on-the-road.

Travel Tips For People With Disabilities
With a little advance planning, travel for people with disabilities can be safe, fun and rewarding.

Storing Medicine Safely: What is Proper Medicine Storage?
Many people store their medications in the bathroom. But this popular spot is actually one of the worst places to keep medicine. Travelers need to follow additional tips for safe storage of their medications.

An In-Depth Report: Travel to Developing Countries
An in-depth report on travel-related health risks and how to prepare ahead of time to reduce these risks.

The Traveler's Diarrhea Diet
Traveler's diarrhea describes diarrhea that frequently attacks those visiting developing countries. What are the appropriate food and fluids to consume if you develop traveler's diarrhea?

Should Your Pet Travel With You?
Pet travel is great for many, but not all, furry friends.

Traveling With a Disability or Chronic Illness
How to make your vacation a pleasure instead of a pain.

How To Travel By Air
Flying causes a great deal of anxiety for many people. Traveling by air may be preferrable to people with chronic health conditions such as IBD or arthritis because of the speed and ease with which you can get to a destination. Learn how to travel the friendly skies like a pro!

Air Travel For Passengers With Physical Challenges
There are added obstacles for the air traveler with a disability. With some advance preparation, planning and other air travel tips you can help make your flying experience a better one.

How To Pack For a Budget Trip
Here's a step-by-step list of things you should do when trying to pack for budget travel in 60 minutes or less.

Travel Tips for Fellow Arthritis Sufferers
People with arthritis often become reluctant to travel. With forethought and careful planning, people with arthritis can travel too.See submissions

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