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Is Synvisc Only Used to Treat Knee Osteoarthritis?

Injectable Hyaluronan Product for Viscosupplementation


Updated May 22, 2014

Question: Is Synvisc Only for Knees?

Synvisc is one of the injectable hyaluronan products used for viscosupplementation. Synvisc injections are approved for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee in those patients who have failed to respond to more conservative therapies, but is Synvisc only used for the knees?


What Is Synvisc?

Viscosupplementation has its rewards. Synvisc is a synthetic hyaluronic acid joint lubricant. Synvisc is most effective for mild to moderately involved arthritic joints, and is used predominately in patients with large joint degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis).

In addition to pain relief, some anti-inflammatory effect and lessening of joint contracture occurs.

Is Synvisc Only Used for the Knee?

Although it is most widely used in the knee joint, there is no reason why it cannot be effective in other joints as well, such as the hips and shoulders.

Other Considerations

Cost, and pain from the injection must be considered along with all other risks associated with any joint penetration. This procedure is well tolerated and patients seem very willing to have repeat injections.

Answer provided by the late Dr. Raymond Federman, a respected rheumatologist.

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