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Top 6 Pools / Pool Equipment for People with Arthritis


Updated December 03, 2008

Warm water exercise is an excellent way for people with arthritis to build up strength, relieve joint pain and stiffness, and relax sore muscles. Water buoyancy greatly reduces the pressure on joints when exercising. For people with arthritis or other mobility problems though, getting into and out of a pool can be a challenge. There are pools and pool equipment specifically designed for therapy or to make pool access easier.

1. Endless Pools

The Endless Pool measures 8' x 15'. All the benefits of swimming or water therapy provided in a fraction of the space of larger pools. Adjustable current makes Endless Pools great for exercise, therapy, or swimming. Request the Endless Pools Free Information Kit.

2. HydroWorx

For more than a decade, HydroWorx has specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing water therapy and conditioning equipment for the home, sports, healthcare, eldercare and fitness markets. Request a free introductory Home Fitness Pool package that includes a video.

3. Hydropool

Benefits of a large pool, with less cost and maintenance. Check out the self-cleaning hot tubs and swim spas.

4. Pool Wheelchair

Wheelchair designed to go into the pool. Anti-tip design. No rust. All plastic rear wheels with rubber tread. Independent action parking brakes. Swing-away arm on left side.
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5. Above-Ground Pool Lifts

Various lifts to help people with mobility problems access above-ground pools.

6. In-Ground Pool Lifts

Various lifts to help people with mobility problems access in-ground pools.

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