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What Is Arthrodesis?

When and Why Joints Are Surgically Fused


Updated June 27, 2014

Definition: Arthrodesis is a surgical procedure, also known as joint fusion. The goal of arthrodesis is to provide pain relief, restore skeletal stability, and improve alignment in people with advanced arthritis. Not all arthritic joints are candidates for joint replacement replacement surgery. In some cases, arthrodesis is the better surgical treatment option. Arthrodesis is mostly performed on ankles and wrists but it can be performed on other joints. Arthrodesis may also be a preferred surgical option for:

With arthrodesis, the ends of two bones are fused together with screw fixation and possible bone grafting. The bones are aligned in the most functional position, but lose their natural motion.


Also Known As: joint fusion

Common Misspellings: arthrodesus

Examples: Ankle arthrodesis was performed to relieve unrelenting pain.


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