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Living and Coping With Arthritis


Arthritis can impose physical limitations which affect daily living activities. Arthritis can impact your life at home and work. The disease can affect your involvement with leisure activities and how you interact in social situations too. Coping strategies and a positive approach to living with chronic arthritis are essential.
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  2. Continuing to Work
  3. Preparing for Disability
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Living With Chronic Arthritis

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Joint pain and stiffness can affect mobility and manual dexterity. Everyday tasks, which are usually considered simple, can become difficult for people with arthritis. Severe arthritis can be very limiting. As people find daily living activities more challenging, they can experience frustration and a wide array of emotions. It's important to stay positive and find solutions.

Continuing to Work

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Arthritis can impact employment and the ability to work. People with arthritis must adapt their work situation to their physical limitations. Most people with arthritis try to work as long as they can by modifying their workplace, changing their work schedule, or finding a more manageable job.

Preparing for Disability

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It's difficult to acknowledge that you may be reaching the point where you are unable to work. If that's the case, you need to learn all about the disability benefits for which you may qualify. First, you have to become mentally prepared and accept that you are disabled. Then, learn about how to apply and win benefits.

Dealing With Family and Friends

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Have you heard the saying "walk a mile in my shoes"? That's what a lot of people living with arthritis would like to say to their friends and family who don't understand what it's like to live with a chronic illness. In reality, arthritis is difficult for both the patient and their loved ones. It's important to have good communication with family and friends while you work at resolving misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Understanding Your Emotions

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Chronic arthritis can be life-changing. There are physical, mental, and financial aspects of living with chronic arthritis. As it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with everything and everyone, the disease can feel like a leg iron holding you back. Changes, challenges, and limitations due to arthritis can understandably stir the emotions.

Positive Actions

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Once your diagnosis is confirmed as arthritis, you must learn how to best live with the disease. You will benefit from having a positive attitude and by choosing positive actions. Learn all you can about the disease, be a compliant patient, and learn how to adapt and adjust when necessary. Surround yourself with supportive people and create an environment that is healthy for you.

Share Your Story / Tell Us What You Think

Living with arthritis is challenge. It takes a physical and emotional toll. Share your experiences and opinions on these questions.

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