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Coping Strategies for Arthritis

Pain and physical limitations caused by arthritis can make life difficult. Learning how to cope with the disease is essential.
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  8. Dealing With Your Emotions (34)
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How You Can Help Someone With Arthritis
People with arthritis could use your help. Here are 10 ways you can help.

How to Sparkle With Arthritis
Arthritis tries to destroy our sparkle and joy of living, but we can fight back.

5 Wrong Moves You Shouldn't Make With Arthritis
Along with your doctor, make decisions that will improve your life with arthritis. Avoid wrong moves.

Life With Arthritis Can Be Better in the New Year
As we turn the corner into a new year, these ideas should make life with arthritis better.

Accused of Faking Your Arthritis?
If you were accused of faking your arthritis, how would you handle the situation?

A Typical Day With Arthritis
Have you ever wondered what a typical day is like for someone with arthritis? Clara lets us peek into her life.

I Was a Teenager With Arthritis
Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 19, it took time to develop a positive attitude.

Arthritis Do's and Don'ts
Arthritis is a chronic disease, meaning, you will have it for the rest of your life. If you're learning how to cope, start with these do's and don'ts.

When Should You Tell Others You Have Arthritis?
Some people conceal arthritis at first. When is the best time to tell others that you have arthritis?

Variability of Arthritis Pain
The variability of arthritis pain is the most difficult aspect to understand about the disease.

10 Things People Fear About Arthritis
When you experience the first symptoms of arthritis, it's hard not to project ahead and wonder how much life will change.

What Do You Wish People Would Understand About Arthritis?
It's hard to understand arthritis unless you have it yourself. What do you wish people would understand?

Unwanted Arthritis Advice
Most people with arthritis have had to deal with others who bring them unsolicited and unwanted advice. How do you respond?

What Lifts Arthritis Patients Up
Chronic arthritis is frustrating and it can diminish your quality of life. The negative impact is real. But when arthritis brings you down and buries you in a funk, what lifts you up?

Wishing You Arthritis for Just a Day
People with arthritis become frustrated by others who don't understand. Would their understanding be enhanced if they could have arthritis for a day?

Me Time
Let's face it, having arthritis on top of all the other stressful events and activities in your life can seem like more than you can handle some days. "Me time" might be just what you need to unwind. Do you get "me time"?

Halloween Is a Treat for Kids with Juvenile Arthritis
Kids with juvenile arthritis should plan ahead so they can enjoy Halloween.

How Do You Win Battle With Arthritis?
Arthritis is a daily struggle. How do you win the battle?

Has Arthritis Affected Your Body Image?
Body image is often negatively impacted by rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Hand deformities, rashes, and limping can definitely affect body image for someone with arthritis. See submissions

Arthritis Does Not Mean Lazy
People who don't understand arthritis mistakenly think those who live with the disease are lazy. It's a sensitive issue for people who try to overcome physical limitations, who want to do more but can't, and who know they are not lazy.

Disability Terms
Not everyone agrees on the best way to describe a person who lives with physical limitations caused by arthritis. Some people prefer certain disability terms to others. Some disability terms are considered offensive.

Distraction From Arthritis
Distraction can be a great coping tool for people with arthritis.

Does It Help to Vent Anger?
Living with arthritis can be frustrating. Some situations can even make you angry. Does it help to vent your anger? Do you feel like pressure is released after you vent anger?

Has Arthritis Changed You?
It's almost inevitable that arthritis has changed you. But how much has changed and what has changed? Has the change been positive or negative?

Has Arthritis Knocked Your Life Out of Balance?
Daily life can consume you. Chronic arthritis compounds the stress. Balancing your life is more challenging with a chronic disease. You have to consciously focus on balancing your life.

Striking a Balance With Arthritis
Striking a balance in your life is an essential part of coping with arthritis.

Readers Respond: Shaking Hands
Shaking hands is supposed to be a greeting, an acknowledgement, and an extension of yourself. When you meet someone or thank someone, it's customary to shake hands. But what if you have arthritic hands? How do you handle the problem since shaking hands and arthritis are not a good mix?

Why Do Arthritis Patients Hate to Ask for Help?
Sometimes people with arthritis need help, but they hate to ask for it.

I Hate Having Arthritis!
We asked arthritis patients to share their feelings about living with arthritis and more specifically, why they hate arthritis. Their answers were introspective and offer insight into life with a disease that can be quite difficult and can interfere with aspects of daily living some people take for granted.

10 Ways to Improve Your Life With Arthritis
People living with arthritis are often dismayed by how much the disease steals from their lives. What modifications can you make to your lifestyle to make living with arthritis easier? What actions can you take to gain and maintain control over the limitations imposed by arthritis?

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?
Trying to survive in a hectic world can make an arthritis patient feel overwhelmed. For those times when a patient feels overwhelmed there are solutions. They may not seem easy but they need to become your mantra, if you expect to tame the feeling of being overwhelmed.

12 Tips to Help Family and Friends Understand Arthritis
Do family and friends really understand arthritis? Here are some tips to boost their understanding.

The 8 Best Things To Do For Arthritis
Certain positive actions can help you cope with arthritis.

Independence Is Important to People With Arthritis
Independence is important to people with arthritis. Independence helps to preserve confidence and self-esteem.

A Positive Approach to Arthritis
A positive attitude is essential to managing chronic arthritis.

Arthritis Can Cause Awkward Situations
Arthritis can lead to awkward situations. You can overcome the awkwardness by knowing just what to say.

How to Best Raise Children When You Have Arthritis
Living with arthritis can add extra difficulties and challenges to parenting.

Dad Has RA. Thoughts From His Sons.
It is the desire of every parent to do the best they can for their children. All parents feel that way. Imagine the thought process of a parent who lives with chronic arthritis, the pain and limitations, and eventual disability. How are children impacted when a parent has rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? What changes from the perspective of the kids? I asked my husband Rick's sons, my stepsons.

Pregnancy and Arthritis
A woman with arthritis must assess her capabilities and limitations when deciding whether or not to have children.

Jealous of Able-Bodied People?
It's normal for people with chronic, disabling arthritis to be slightly envious of other people who do not face the same challenges and limitations.

In Sickness and In Health
Chronic illness can contribute to failing marriage.

Love, Sex, and Arthritis
Feeling good about yourself and feeling close to the one you love is very important, especially for people with arthritis.

Mercy Killing or Senseless Suicide?
03/10/1998, Dr. Jack Kevorkian helped a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer and a fibromyalgia sufferer end their lives.

Guide to Sexuality and Arthritis
Sex is a pleasurable expression of love and intimacy. Pain and limitations from chronic arthritis can interfere.

The Impact of Chronic Arthritis on Family
Arthritis not only affects the person who has the disease, but also significantly impacts the people around them.

How Arthritis Complicates Sexuality
Pain, stiffness, limited mobility, and fatigue due to arthritis can make sex a challenge rather than a pleasure.

Arthritis Patients Fear the Future
A confirmed diagnosis of arthritis can initially provoke feelings of uncertainty and fear.

What's Behind the Stare?
Arthritis can lead to awkward situations. Some physical changes may cause other people to stare. But, why do they stare?

The Veil of Isolation
The physical and emotional pain of arthritis can lead to social isolation.

Why Am I So Angry?
When arthritis interferes with achievement and desires the resulting frustration can mount into anger.

The Power of Personality
Certain personality types possess more effective coping skills, making it easier for some people to cope with arthritis than others.

The Many Emotions of Chronic Arthritis
Physical aspects of chronic arthritis can affect our emotions.

Arthritis Affects Daily Living Activities
Arthritis can interfere with daily living activities. Easy tasks become challenging. Assistive devices may help.

Denial vs. Acceptance
Acceptance of a chronic disease does not usually come quickly after the initial diagnosis. Learning how to adapt can be a long process for some people.

What Was Your Most Awkward Situation With Arthritis?
Let's be real. Arthritis can cause awkward situations. An awkward situation can develop when you least expect it.

Pet Peeves About Arthritis
Living with arthritis is difficult in many ways. Beyond the challenges of trying to manage the disease, there are major and minor annoyances that come with arthritis. Pet peeves shall we say. What are your pet peeves about arthritis?

Memorable Acts of Kindness
It can be a bummer to live with arthritis. But there are times when other people step up and their acts of kindness are something you will never forget. Share some of the positive experiences and acts of kindness that made your day.

Stop Procrastinating
Once procrastinating becomes a way of coping with arthritis pain, it starts to work against you. People with arthritis should stop procrastinating. Here are tips to help you.

Has Arthritis Turned You Into a Procrastinator?
Do you think arthritis has turned you into a procrastinator? Has it caused you to put things off, wait for a better day? What caused you to become a procrastinator and how do you intend to change that habit?

Have You Lost Friends Because of Your Arthritis
It's hard for your friends to understand what you need, why you seem down, and why you can't go out today. When they don't understand life with arthritis, your friendship can become strained.

Has Arthritis Affected Your Mobility?
Arthritis pain and stiffness can affect your mobility. How much has your mobility been affected by arthritis?

How to Handle Unsolicited Advice About Arthritis
Unsolicited advice for how to relieve arthritis can be annoying. Even if it's well-meaning advice. Here's how to handle the situation and how to respond.

Responding to "How Are You?"
Many times when asked "how are you", the question feels more robotic than sincere.

10 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself if You Have Arthritis
Sometimes the best strategy for coping with arthritis involves not doing things. What should you stop doing if you have arthritis?

Ups and Downs of Arthritis
The ups and downs of living with arthritis can be difficult to accept and to manage.

Comparing Yourself to Others With Arthritis
It's human nature to compare yourself to others, but arthritis is not the same for everyone.

Arthritis Survival Kit
To be able to manage arthritis for a lifetime, what do people need in their arthritis survival kit?

Arthritis and Personality Type
Your personality type may have an effect on how well you cope with the challenges of arthritis.

5 Worst Things About Arthritis
No one ever said living with arthritis was easy. What are the worst things about arthritis?

Life Expectancy and Arthritis
Life expectancy is shorter among patients with rheumatoid arthritis than in the general population.

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