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Running and Arthritis - Running and Jogging Exercises for Arthritis

Information on running and arthritis. Running may still be good exercise for those with arthritis if they run on softer surfaces. Walking or more gentle forms of exercise may be a better option for those with arthritis in their lower extremities. Research indicates, contrary to popular belief, that running does not cause osteoarthritis in those with normal, uninjured knees.
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Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis
The annual Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis, which takes place in cities across the United States throughout November and December, is upon us.

Arthritis & Exercise Quiz
Does exercise have any impact on arthritis? Does exercise help or hurt joints burdened by arthritis? If you exercise or plan on starting an exercise program, do you know all you need to know? Take our Arthritis & Exercise Quiz.

Is it common for arthritis to develop after trauma, accident, or sports injury?
Repetitive trauma to the joints is almost a guarantee of problems, such as arthritis.

Runner's knee
Runner's knee occurs at the front of the knee and is caused by softening of the cartilage or misalignment of the patellofemoral joint (where the kneecap connects with the thigh bone).

How to Get Started With Running
If you've done a lot of walking, but you've never run before, you might feel a bit intimidated to get out there and start running. This 8-week plan will help you ease into running.

All About Running and Its Many Benefits
There are as many benefits of running as there are reasons that runners run. It may be to lose weight or get fit. Perhaps they run to stay healthy and happy. It could even be a way to meet people or to compete with themselves or others in races.

How to Buy the Right Running Shoes
To figure out what type of running shoes you should buy, you first need to know that kind of feet you have.

Running 'Protects against Arthritis'
'Painless' running helps health. Running can offer up to 12 years protection from the onset of osteoarthritis, doctors have said, from BBC NEWS.

Will Running Cause Arthritis? by Larry Smith, D.C., B.P.E.
A topic of current debate is the controversy of whether or not running will eventually cause joints to become arthritic. The answer patients get when they ask their doctor varies from a definite yes to a definite no, from Marathon Training.com.

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