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Prolotherapy is being used as an alternative treatment for joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, JH, tendonitis and TMJ. Also known as non-surgical ligament reconstruction, it involves the injection of solutions to induce the proliferation of new cells. The procedure is generally considered experimental by Medicare and most insurance carriers.
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Profile: Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment for damaged ligaments that relieves musculoskeletal pain. An irritant solution is injected into areas where ligaments are weak, triggering the body to heal the injury and thereby naturally strengthen the joint, from WholeHealthMD.

Prolotherapy Information Database
The Prolotherapy.com home page is a comprehensive information database.

Is Prolotherapy Worthwhile for Sciatica Pain?
Dr. Weil evaluates available information on prolotherapy.

Medicare Coverage Policy on Prolotherapy for Chronic Low Back Pain
The history of prolotherapy as a treatment for low back pain. Medicare's past and current non-coverage policy, from Quackwatch.

Prolotherapy from Prolonews.com
In Prolotherapy, the weakened areas are injected with a proliferant solution that directly stimulates the growth of healthy, strong tissues. As the tendons and ligaments grow stronger and more capable of doing their tasks, pain is alleviated, from Prolonews.

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