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Arthritis Pain Explained


Updated February 19, 2013

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Part 10 of 10 - Coping With Arthritis Pain

Pain Cycle

The long-term goal of pain management is to help you cope with a chronic, often disabling disease. You may be caught in a cycle of pain, depression, and stress. To break out of this cycle, you and your doctor must be a team and achieve goals for managing your pain. This may include:

Self-Help Courses

The Multipurpose Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases Center at Stanford University, supported by NIAMS, has developed an Arthritis Self-Help Course that teaches people with arthritis how to take a more active part in their arthritis care. The Arthritis Self-Help Course is taught by the Arthritis Foundation.

Manage Your Arthritis Pain

Things you can do to better manage your arthritis pain, include:


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