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Over-The-Counter Drugs - Dietary Supplements - Herbal Remedies

Relief from arthritis pain and inflammation can be found in some non-prescription medications, dietary supplements, natural remedies, and other over-the-counter products. It is important for people with arthritis to learn how to safely use over-the-counter drugs, herbal remedies, and dietary supplements.
  1. A - Z: Arthritis Drugs
  2. A - Z: Dietary Supplements
  3. A - Z: Herbal Remedies
  4. Acetaminophen / Tylenol
  5. Aromatherapy Products
  6. Aspirin / Anacin / Bayer
  7. Doan's Pills / Novasal
  8. Ibuprofen / Motrin / Advil
  9. Ketoprofen / Orudis
  10. Medical Food: Limbrel
  11. Naproxen / Aleve
  12. Supplement: CMO
  13. Supplement: Calcium
  14. Supplement: Chondroitin
  15. Supplement: Cod Liver Oil
  16. Supplement: DHEA
  17. Supplement: Flax Seed Oil
  18. Supplement: Folic Acid
  19. Supplement: Garlic
  20. Supplement: Ginger Root
  21. Supplement: Ginseng Root
  22. Supplement: Glucosamine
  23. Supplement: MSM
  24. Supplement: Melatonin
  25. Supplement: Omega-3 Oils
  26. Supplement: SAM-e
  27. Supplement: Valerian Root
  28. Topical Creams / Products

Pain Relievers - Use Caution With Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers
All over-the-counter pain relievers should be taken with care to avoid serious problems that can occur with misuse. Certain factors can increase the risk of liver toxicity from products containing acetaminophen and the risk of GI bleeding from the use of products containing NSAIDs.

Top Arthritis Cream Products
Topical creams have active ingredients to relieve minor arthritis and muscle pain.

Eye Drops / Eye Pellets
Eye Drops / Eye Pellets

Can You Deduct Nonprescription Drugs or Supplements on Your Taxes?
What legally "is and isn't" tax deductible can often be confusing. What is the proper tax treatment of items such as, over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, herbal remedies, nicotine patches, contact lens solution, bandages, toothpaste and other medical supplies?

Medline Plus: Over-the-Counter Medicines
Consumer information about over-the-counter medicines.

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