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Myths About Arthritis - Common Arthritis Myths And Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions which surround arthritis. Learn the difference between the facts and the myths about arthritis.
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Arthritis Quiz - Myth Or Fact?
Arthritis is a complicated disease with many myths and misconceptions. Can you separate the myths from the facts?

7 Misconceptions About Arthritis
There are many myths and misconceptions about arthritis.

Arthritis - Test Your Knowledge
Arthritis is a complex disease with overlapping symptoms. Arthritis is expected to become more prevalent as baby boomers age. How much do you know about arthritis?

Did Dinosaurs Have Arthritis?
Consider it the Jurassic equivalent of an urban legend: Did dinosaurs suffer from arthritis, the same way people do? "Some people (including scientists who should know better) continue to believe that arthritis bedeviled even the mighty dinosaurs", according to Bob Strauss, About.com Guide to Dinosaurs.

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