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Clorox BathWand

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Updated May 28, 2006

The Bottom Line

The Clorox BathWand is an all-in-one system which turns the drudgery of tub and shower cleaning into light work. The ergonomic design reduces knee and back strain. The cleaning agent is powerful, eliminating the need for hard scrubbing.
  • Suggested retail price for the starter kit is $9.99.
  • Suggested retail price for the refill kit which contains 5 disposable pads is $2.99.
  • The disposables are not cost-prohibitive, if you consider you waste more money on products that don't work.


    • Long-handle makes reaching easier.
    • Just wet pads to activate the pre-loaded cleaning agent.
    • Pads are disposable.
    • Swivel head conforms to surfaces.
    • Makes tub and shower cleaning much easier.


    • Can not use on all surfaces. Not to be used on natural stone, brass, or varnished wood.
    • Can not mix with bleach-containing products or any other bathroom/household cleaners.


    • Long, ergonomic handle is great for people with arthritis or limited range of motion.
    • Extends your reach nearly 2 feet
    • Easy to use.
    • Cleans well.
    • Pointed pad allows you to clean the corners.
    • Cleaning agent on the pads really works.
    • All you need to make your tub or shower shine.

    Guide Review - Clorox BathWand

    Tub and shower cleaning is tedious housework. Some might call it a drudge. For people with arthritis, the reaching and scrubbing required can push them beyond their physical limits.

    Long-handled cleaning tools and cleaning agents which are powerful enough to do the job without a lot of scrubbing make tub and shower cleaning a much easier task. The Clorox BathWand has an ergonomic design, including a 23 inch handle which provides a comfortable reach. The disposable cleaning pads which fit the Clorox BathWand are pre-loaded with Clorox cleaning agents. Just add a little water to the pad to activate the cleaning agent and you're ready to make your tub and shower sparkle.

    You won't need buckets, sponges, or cleaner upon cleaner that doesn't work. The Clorox BathWand is ready to go. Get the job done while reducing knee and back strain.

    I have tried the product. I like the product because it does what it claims to do. It's a better way to clean. The starter kit comes with a 23 inch handle (two pieces which you twist together before the first use), a storage hook, and 2 disposable pads pre-loaded with cleaner. My recommendation is that you should try the product yourself. I think you will be impressed.

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     1 out of 5
    Product discontinued, Member Bambimbo

    On February 1, 2012, I visited the manfacturer's website and couldn't find this product. Since this review is really old--2006--you might check and see if this product is still available, because I doubt that it is.

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