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Magnets For Arthritis - Magnetic Treatments - Static Magnet Therapy

Static magnet therapy is believed to relieve pain by increasing circulation. The efficacy of arthritis magnet therapy for pain relief is still in question. Magnetic treatment is generally considered harmless unless it causes people to forego other needed medical treatments.
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  4. Copper Bracelets

How Does Magnet Therapy Help Arthritis?
Static magnet therapy is believed to relieve pain by increasing circulation. The effectiveness of arthritis magnet therapy for relieving pain is still in question.

Controlling Chronic Pain With Magnetic Therapy
Do Magnets have healing power? Alternative practitioners have long said yes, and recent studies suggest that they may be right.

Magentic Insoles Give No Pain Relief
Do magnetic shoe insoles relieve foot pain? The magnets have no pain relief effects, although the insole may help - that is the conclusion of a double-blind study.

08/17/2000 Magnet Therapy History: Magnetic Shoes Attract Lawsuit
08/17/2000, A consumer protection group brings suit over unsupported health claims for magnetic shoes.

Questions and Answers About Using Magnets to Treat Pain
Magnets are widely marketed to treat or ease the symptoms of various diseases and conditions, including pain.

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