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Journaling And Journal Writing - How To Keep An Arthritis Diary

Keeping an arthritis journal has shown many positive benefits. Writing in a journal or diary can help you better cope with your illness. Fight back arthritis with the power of the pen.
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Journal Writing: The Write Treatment
Study shows journal writing about stress improved symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

How To Keep An Arthritis Journal
Helpful hints on how to maintain a daily arthritis journal and relieve stress through writing.

Picking the Best Pen
Picking a comfortable pen makes writing an arthritis-friendly task.

Top Ergonomic Pens, Pencils, Markers
Take the stress and fatigue out of writing with these ergonomically designed pens, pencils, and markers.

The Benefits of Journaling for Stress Management
Journaling is an effective stress management tool that provides numerous emotional and health benefits. Learn more about how journaling can reduce stress and improve health and functioning.

How To Begin Journaling
With all the proven stress management and health benefits of journaling, you have every reason to try it! Here are some valuable tips to get you started.

Journal-Keeping: A Place For Healing
When used to write about upsetting events, journaling can actually improve immune system functioning, resolve stress, and provide psychological healing, from Lori J. Batcheller.

Journaling Or Journal Writing
Journaling or journal writing has been shown to enhance the immune system and enhance physical function, from BellaOnline.

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