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Top 7 Arthritis-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets and Tools

Lightweight and Easy-to-Grip Is Best


Updated May 30, 2014

Working in the kitchen can be cumbersome for someone with arthritis, adding stress to arthritic joints. Arthritis-friendly kitchen gadgets and tools can make many tasks easier and eliminate the strain. These kitchen gadgets and tools may be just what you need.

1. Black & Decker Stainless Steel Electric Knife

Lightweight, slim, powerful electric knife is easy to use. Great for people with arthritis.
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2. 7 3/4 inch Double Handle Mezzaluna Mincing Knife

Allows you to use a natural rocking motion to mince and chop.
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3. Rival VS100 Seal-A-Meal Vacuum Food Sealer

Seal in freshness, easily. Protect leftovers for days when you won't feel like cooking.
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4. Black & Decker Automatic Jar Opener, Lids Off

Do you have trouble opening jars? Have you tried many of the kitchen gadgets that just don't work for opening lids? This electric jar opener operates at the touch of a button with only one hand. Requires no hand strength or strenuous twisting. Opens jars up to 4.5" in diameter and a maximum of 8" in height. A must-have kitchen gadget!
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5. Back To Basics Apple / Potato Peeler w Suction Base

Core, slice and peel apples or potatoes in one easy operation. Powerful suction base attaches to any smooth countertop or table. Made of enamel-coated cast iron with stainless steel blades and heavy-chrome shaft.
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6. Presto 02910 SaladShooter Slicer / Shredder

Kitchen gadget/tool takes the work and mess out of slicing and shredding vegetables, fruits, cheese and more. No extra bowls to clean - shoot it where you want it.
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7. Cuisinart MM-2M Mini-Mate Plus Chopper

Chopping is a difficult task for a person with hand arthritis. This gadget does the hard work.
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