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Top 10 Arthritis-Friendly Gifts

Gifts That Make Tasks Easier or Promote Relaxation Are Ideal!


Updated December 14, 2013

It's hard enough to pick the right gift for most people. People with arthritis have physical limitations. A gift that makes things easier, offers comfort, or promotes relaxation would be ideal. Here are some great ideas for arthritis-friendly gifts.

1. The EZcarry

How would you like to be able to carry more than one plastic grocery bag or your dry cleaning without stressing already painful arthritic fingers and hands? The EZcarry is an ergonomically designed soft grip handle designed to do just that.

2. Wahl 2 Speed All Body Massager with Heat

Massage away aches and pains. Relaxing for the whole body.
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3. Deluxe Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid

Arthritis-friendly gift for people who have trouble putting on their socks. This adaptive aid eliminates reaching down to your feet to put on socks.
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4. Adjustable Folding Canes

An arthritis-friendly gift which offers peace of mind to people who use a cane but not on a regular basis. Adjustable height, folds for portability. Always ready when you need it.
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5. Conair CONAIR HP08T ThermaLuxe Massaging Heating Pad

A practical, arthritis-friendly gift that soothes away aches and pains. A heating pad with massaging action, too.
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6. Black & Decker Automatic Jar Opener, Lids Off

Electric jar opener that operates at the touch of a button. Requires no hand strength or strenuous twisting to open jars up to 4.5" in diameter and a maximum of 8" in height. A must-have item in the kitchen for people with arthritis.
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7. Walker Tray

Tray designed to fit over a walker, transforming it into a carrier. Allows person to carry plates, magazines, or whatever they need to carry while they walk. Enhances feeling of independence.
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8. Music For Meditation And Relaxation

Give the gift of relaxation. An array of relaxing music, from the sounds of the ocean to Mozart. Wide variety of soothing selections.
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9. 3M Company Ergonomic Mouse EM500GPS-AM Small/Medium

Ergonomic design keeps the arm positioned for natural, comfortable movement. Arthritis-friendly gift is clinically proven to reduce muscle strain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury. Compatible using any USB port computer. Great gift for computer users.
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10. One-Touch Desk And Table Lamps

With a simple touch of any part of the metal arm or base of the lamp, you can turn on and off the power. Some adjust the brightness with just a touch to low, medium, or high. No more cranking the hard-to-reach switch. A truly arthritis-friendly gift.
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