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Managing Daily Living Activities With Arthritis

Arthritis is associated with pain and physical limitations that can interfere with daily living activities.
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  6. Flu Prevention Measures
  7. Gardening With Arthritis (30)
  8. Grooming / Dressing / Bath (15)
  9. Housework / Cleaning (20)
  10. In-The-Kitchen / Cooking (18)
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Understanding Functional Limitations Caused by Arthritis
Functional limitations are a common manifestation of musculoskeletal diseases, such as arthritis.

Living Alone With Arthritis
If you have arthritis and live alone, be aware of the problems that can develop. Here are 5 tips to keep you on track.

The Living With Arthritis Checklist
You can live well with arthritis although it may not be easy. Here's a list of what you will need.

Ups and Downs of Arthritis
The ups and downs of living with arthritis can be the most difficult to manage and to understand.

Arthritis - What to Expect After Diagnosis
As soon as it sinks in that you have been diagnosed with arthritis, you will want to know what the future holds. Is there some way to know what you can expect with arthritis?

10 Things Not to Say to Someone With Arthritis
Avoid comments that can offend or hurt people with arthritis.

How To Obtain Handicapped Parking
Here's what you need to do to obtain a handicapped parking permit.

8 Best Things to Do for Arthritis
There are actions you can take to help you cope with arthritis.

How to Deal With Arthritis After Overdoing Activities
Arthritis patients must be mindful of their physical limitations. For example, what should you do if you have a chronic disease like arthritis and you are facing the consequences of overdoing activities?

Pace Your Activities - Sage Advice for People With Arthritis
Advice to pace your activities makes sense if you have arthritis but it is hard to do.

Most Arthritis-Unfriendly Products
Some products are not easy to use if you have physical limitations due to arthritis. Which product causes you difficulty?

Top 10 Arthritis-Friendly Gifts
A gift that makes things easier, comforts, or relaxes someone with arthritis would be perfect.

Getting Ready for Company When You Have Arthritis
Getting ready for company is stressful for most people. Here are tips for people with arthritis.

E-Readers Convenient for People With Arthritis
E-Readers are a great solution for people with arthritis who love to read but find it difficult to hold and carry books -- or fumble with page turning. E-readers make reading enjoyable again by providing some relief for painful joints.

Have You Been Trapped Because of Arthritis?
Arthritis is associated with joint pain and physical limitations. You may find yourself caught off-guard by those limitations -- trapped in a chair, stuck on a toilet, unable to walk farther. Have you taken measures to assure you won't be trapped by arthritis again?See submissions

Has Arthritis Affected Your Mobility?
Arthritis pain and stiffness can affect your mobility. How much has your mobility been affected by arthritis?

Are Disabled People More Likely to Be Ripped Off?
Do you feel vulnerable because you are disabled by arthritis? By vulnerable, I mean at high risk to be ripped off, cheated, scammed.

How Do You Win Battle With Arthritis?
Living with arthritis can be overwhelming. It's a daily struggle. How do you win the battle?

Feel Robbed by Arthritis?
Do you feel robbed by arthritis? Do you feel the disease has taken something from you that you can't get back? Share your story and explain how you adjusted to being robbed by arthritis.

Reading Aids Can Help People With Arthritis
You tend to become less active after you develop arthritis. You don't want to, but some days, pain dictates the events of the day. If you love to read, books will become more your companions than ever before.

Traveling With Arthritis Medications
Arthritis medications must be handled properly when you are traveling.

Arthritis Affects Daily Living Activities
Arthritis can interfere with daily living activities.

10 Cooking Tips for People With Arthritis
Cooking can be difficult for people with arthritis who live with physical limitations, pain, and fatigue. These 10 cooking tips can help you make the task more manageable.

Living With Disability in a Normal World
People who live with disability face many challenges.

Arthritis Impinges On Quality Of Life
The pain and limitations of arthritis can impact quality of life.

Arthritis Can Cause Awkward Situations
Arthritis can lead to awkward situations. You can overcome the awkwardness by knowing just what to say.

The Dual Role Of Patient And Caregiver
It's tough to live with a chronic illness. It's tough to be the caregiver for someone who lives with a chronic illness. Imagine the complications which can arise from the dual role of being both a patient and caregiver.

Better Living with Arthritis
Everyday chores and habits can be a difficult challenge for people dealing with the chronic pain of arthritis. People can find alternative ways of doing things and utilize assistive devices to make it all easier.

Top Arthritis-Friendly Household Cleaning Products
Housecleaning tasks are difficult for people with arthritis who have limited range of motion and who must conserve their energy.

Reachers are a valuable assistive device for people with arthritis.

Top Raised Toilet Seats
People with arthritis and mobility problems may find a raised toilet seat very helpful.

Top Electric Toothbrushes
An electric toothbrush can make dental care much easier for people with arthritis.

Top Arthritis-Friendly Garden Tools
Ergonomic garden tools help you maintain your favorite outdoor hobby with ease and maximum joint protection.

Top 7 Arthritis-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets / Kitchen Tools
Arthritis-friendly kitchen gadgets and tools help protect your joints.

How to Organize Your Kitchen When You Have Arthritis
Step-by-step advice on how to organize your kitchen for easy access.

Top Pill Boxes
For people who take medications on a regular basis, a pill box or pill reminder is a useful item.

Top Electric Scooters
Scooters make up for impaired mobility. Arthritis of the hip, knee, foot, ankle, or spine can make walking very difficult. Back problems also interfere with mobility. Have you considered an electric scooter to compensate for mobility problems?

How to Travel With Arthritis
A list of tips to make planning a trip easier and more accessible.

People With Arthritis Can Travel Too!
With forethought, careful planning, and preparedness people with arthritis need not give up on traveling and experiencing the world.

Online Study At Stanford To Investigate Arthritis Self-Care Techniques
People who have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia are invited to join a Stanford University Medical Center study of an online workshop that teaches skills for symptom management, with an emphasis on feeling better and more confident while increasing activity levels. It's called "Healthier Living with Arthritis".

Tips for Good Sleep
Poor quality of sleep and pain can create a vicious cycle affecting mood and fatigue levels. Here are a few tips for good sleep.

Arthritis Patients Share Holiday Traditions
People cherish holiday traditions. From Grandma's cookie recipe to preparing a feast. From giving gifts to attending church services. The holiday season is packed with family, friends, parties, dinners -- lots of activity. Even for healthy people, maintaining holiday traditions can be hectic and stressful. How do you cope with the holidays? Share your survival secrets.

Book Review: 250 Tips For Making Life With Arthritis Easier
Tips and advice for making daily life with arthritis easier.

5 Worst Things About Arthritis
Arthritis impacts many aspects of daily living. What are the worst things about arthritis?

Comparing Yourself to Others With Arthritis
It won't help to compare yourself to others with arthritis. The disease course varies, as does response to treatment.

How to Safely Dispose of Unused Medications
It happens to everyone for a variety of reasons. You end up with a medicine cabinet full of expired or unused medications, now considered a toxic form of household hazardous waste. Proper drug disposal is an emerging environmental issue. As with any household waste, the disposal method chosen can have a direct effect on safety and the health of...

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