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Hip Joint Replacement Surgery - Surgical Replacement of the Hip

Information on hip joint replacement surgery. Surgical replacement of the hip is a highly successful treatment for arthritis.
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Total Hip Replacement - What You Need to Know
Hip replacement surgery is a last resort treatment option for severe, disabling hip arthritis.

Joint Replacement Screening Quiz - When Is It The Right Time?
When is it the right time to have a joint replacement? It is a complicated question for people with arthritis, living with intractable joint pain. There are important things to consider while making the decision with your doctor or surgeon.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System
The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System is an alternative to traditional hip replacement.

Hip joint replacement
This surgery is performed to replace all or part of the hip joint with an artificial device (a prosthesis).

Carol's Hip Replacement Diary
Pre-op and post-op thoughts of Carol Eustice as she goes through a revision hip replacement.

Preventing Blood Clots After Total Hip Replacement
Preventing blood clots after hip replacement is part of post-op care.

How to Recover From Hip Replacement Surgery
Important advice to make your recovery from hip replacement surgery without complications.

Hip Replacements Can Loosen
Though hip replacement surgery can relieve pain dramatically and improve mobility, it is not always a permanent solution. Implant loosening can result in the need for revision surgery.

Are You Ready For Hip Replacement Surgery?
Signs you need, or don't need, a hip replacement.

Hip joint replacement
The hip joint is a ball-in-socket joint where the ball or head of the femur (thigh bone) joins the pelvis at the socket called the acetabulum. (Illustrated)

Hip Replacement Surgery (E-Course)
Learn all you need to know about hip replacement surgery in 7 weeks. Each week receive an email guide to understanding hip replacement surgery, the risks of the procedure, and the rehabilitation.

Hip Joint Index
Information and injury and conditions affecting the hip, from Wheeless Textbook of Orthopedics.

American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons
Information for patients about hip and knee surgery, from AAHKS.

Totally Hip
A online support group for hip & joint problems, from totallyhip.org.

Alternatives To Total Hip Replacement Surgery
There are alternatives to total hip replacement surgery. Learn about Conservative Management, Femoral Osteotomy, Arthrodesis, and Pseudarthrosis, from Joint Replacement Institute.

Hip Replacement Surgery
Online booklet with useful information to prepare you for hip replacement surgery, from Joint Replacement Institute.

Trident Ceramic Hip System
Ceramic on ceramic hip replacements designed to minimize the amount of wear on total hip replacements and reduce failure due to osteolysis, from Stryker.

Anterior Approach: Total Hip Replacement
The anterior approach to Total Hip Replacement. Joel M. Matta, M.D. explains how it minimizes time from replacement to recovery, from hipandpelvis.com.

JRI's Schmalzried Announces Metal-On-Metal THR Study
Clinical trial involving a well-established total hip replacement system with a new metal-on-metal bearing, from JRI.

MIS Hip Joint Replacement
Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery, from Stryker.

Anterior Muscle Sparing Hip Replacement Surgery
Information on the anterior hip replacement surgery. This is a Muscle Sparing and Precision Implant Placement Technique Performed by Dr. Menendez from USC.

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