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What Is an Arthritis Bra?

Specialty Clothing Designed for Women With Limited Range of Motion


Updated June 02, 2014

Women with arthritis in their upper extremities -- whether it be their shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists, or fingers -- often have difficulty putting on a bra. Putting on a bra is a simple activity of daily living that is taken for granted by healthy people. There is an arthritis bra, as it's called, made with front closures or velcro that makes it not only possible to put on, it's easy to put on.

1. The Easy-to-Fasten Arthritis Bra

Another front-closing arthritis bra. An easy to grasp, large loop at the front of the bra facilitates closure and the large hook'n'eyes are also easy to manipulate. A Velcro closure along the seam provides added security.

2. Arthritis Bras from Leading Lady

AmericanIntimates sells arthritis bras by Leading Lady. The bra has an easy-to-fasten patented front closure designed for women with limited dexterity. One of the styles is an underwire bra.

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