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Gout research and clinical trials lead to better understanding of gout, hyperuricemia, and pseudogout. Researchers focus on finding the causes of gout and related conditions. Researchers continue to search for a cure and develop better treatment options for gout, hyperuricemia, and pseudogout.
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National Databank For Rheumatic Diseases: Gout / Pseudogout / CPPD
The National Databank for Rheumatic Diseases is a research databank for the study of arthritis and rheumatic conditions. If you have been diagnosed with Gout or Pseudogout which also known as CPDD (Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Crystal Deposition Disease), you are eligible to participate in NDB research.

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Gout Screening Quiz
Do you have symptoms which are associated with gout?

Is It Gout or Pseudogout?
Gout and pseudogout are similar in some ways yet different in other ways. The term pseudogout means "false gout". How much do you know about gout and pseudogout?

Finding A Gout Cure: What Research Is Being Conducted For Gout?
What research is being conducted to help people with gout?

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Clinical Trials: Gout
Clinical trials for Gout, from ClinicalTrials.gov.

Clinical Trials: Gout And Hyperuricemia
Do you want to participate in helping to find a gout cure or better treatment options for gout? Check out the listings for clinical trials for gout and hyperuricemia, from Centerwatch.

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