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Top 5 Foot Supports - Insoles and Cushions

Comfort Your Feet


Updated June 02, 2014

Tired, sore, aching feet! We've all experienced that feeling. Foot supports, insoles, and cushions can offer additional support and provide some comfort for people with foot problems or medical conditions such as arthritis. A well-constructed foot support can make walking or standing much less stressful to the joints. Other conditions, such as drop-foot, can also be helped by specially-designed foot supports.

1. Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Supports

Foot support reduces high stress levels of exertion from standing, walking and running. Gel offers comfort and support.
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2. Silicone Gel Arch Insoles

Foot support provides comfort by absorbing foot shock. The double thick silicone pad forms around your foot to add support and extra cushioning.
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3. PowerStep Insoles Pair

Invented by podiatrist Dr. Les Appel, PowerStep helps relieve heel and arch pain. A flexible polypropylene arch support is embedded in a double-layer polyethylene cushion casing.
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5. COLD ONE Ankle/Foot Wrap

Fits like an open toe, open heel sock. Heel design provides added support and compression of Achilles. Cold helps reduce swelling and prevent stiffness after injury.
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