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Working With Arthritis - Solving Workplace Problems And Issues

Information on working with arthritis. Articles and resources dealing with on-the-job issues and employment. Learn more on solving problems caused by arthritis in the workplace.
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Can I Continue to Work With Arthritis?
Arthritis can affect your ability to work.

How Do You Keep Working With Arthritis?
Some people with arthritis have to stop working and go on disability. See submissions

Book Review: "I'd Rather Be Working" - Overcoming Disability
It has been said that a person's self-esteem and self-worth are tied to their work. Imagine then what happens to good feelings about "self" when one becomes unable to work.

Book Excerpt: Leave No Nurse Behind - Nurses Working with disAbilities
Nursing is hard work, made even harder when you are sick yourself. Cary Jo Cook, RN, CMSRN, a nurse with rheumatoid arthritis and bipolar disorder, shares tips on how to keep working as a nurse with a disability.

Working With RA - Canadian TV Reporter Becomes Creative Queen
Tamara Nowakowsky, was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at a very tender age, yet she never gave up her drive to be successful. Her story is truly inspirational. Tamara has taken a career path, and made transitions which have allowed her to continue working - from television reporter, to communications specialist, to business woman.

Finding Balance Between Work And Life
After the illness, then death, of a close friend, I began to ponder the fragility of life and the limited time we have here on earth. When faced with our own mortality, many of us wonder if we have made the right choices about our lives and what other paths we could have chosen.

Disability Application - Response to Your Disability Application
How long did you wait for a response to your initial disability application? Was the response to your disability application favorable or unfavorable? Share your experience.

Understanding Your Employee Health And Disability Benefits
It is important for you to understand the details of your employee health and disability benefits.

POLL: Rate Your Knowledge Of Health/Disability Insurance Plan Details
It's your responsibility to understand the details of your health insurance and disability insurance plans. You should know what is covered long before you need to use the insurance benefit.

Working With A Disability: How The Law Protects Your Rights
Having a disability doesn't need to keep one from having a productive career. Many people with disabilities can work and the jobs they can hold vary with each individual's abilities and limitations. There are several laws which protect the workplace rights of Americans with disabilities.

Social Security Disability - How To Apply Step-By-Step
Applying for Social Security Disability (SSDI) can seem overwhelming. We make it easier by taking you though the process step-by-step.

Applying For SSDI Benefits - A Self-Help Guide
A five-part Guide offering a practical approach to applying for Social Security Disability benefits written by a former disability determination specialist, who herself was a successful SSDI applicant.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability
Step-by-step advice to help you through the application process for Social Security Disability benefits.

Social Security Disability--Do You Qualify?
There is specific criteria which must be met to qualify for Social Security Disability Income.

5 Advantages Of Qualifying For SSDI
A look at the advantages of qualifying for Social Security disability.

Social Security Disability Benefits and Arthritis
Information provided by Allsup Inc., a company helping people with arthritis qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

What Is Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)?
The Social Security Administration annually adjusts the earnings limit used to determine substantial gainful activity (SGA) based on increases in the national average wage index.

Dealing With Job Stresses - Work Burn Out Is A Health Risk
The first step to being happier in your job is realizing you are burning out. The next step is making changes that allow you to climb up and out of the burn out cycle.

How To Disconnect From Your Work Worries
Are you dreaming about your work? or, Are your work worries keeping you awake?

The Work Site - SSA
Employment support for people with disabilities, from SSA.

Ticket to Work
Information on the Ticket to Work, from SSA.

ADA Information Center
Americans With Disabilities Act Homepage.

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