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Emotional Aspects of Arthritis

Chronic pain, fatigue, and other limitations imposed by arthritis can impact people both physically and emotionally. Arthritis can be life-altering.
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My Name Is Carol and I Have Rheumatoid Arthritis
It can be hard to look at what rheumatoid arthritis does to our lives. We must keep it in perspective though.

Are People With Arthritis Hypersensitive?
People with arthritis often say that no one understands what it's like to live with arthritis. Are they just hypersensitive?

10 Things Not to Say to Someone With Arthritis
Try to avoid comments that can stir emotions in people who have arthritis.

Sick and Tired - Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
Living with the arthritis pain and limitations can be draining. Day in and day out it gets old to always be sick and tired. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Guilt - Arthritis and Guilt
A certain degree of guilt can accompany the realization that you can't do what you used to be able to do because of arthritis. There's guilt because you let others down as well as yourself.

Does Arthritis Cause You to Feel Guilty?
Arthritis can intrude on daily life and cause you to feel guilty when you can't do what you want or need to do. Physical limitations were not your choice so is it right to feel guilty?

Self-esteem Confidence - Did Arthritis Affect Self-esteem and…
Disability associated with arthritis can affect your self-esteem and confidence. Has living with chronic pain and physical limitations lowered your self-esteem and and rocked your confidence?

Arthritis Can Affect Self-Esteem
Arthritis can affect your self-esteem. Arthritis is limiting and frustrating. Living with chronic pain and physical limitations can test your confidence and self-esteem.

Fear Disease - Is Fear a Factor in Your Disease
Arthritis is a disease that can cause fear because of its uncertain course. Arthritis can be life-changing and that can be scary. Has fear been a factor in your disease?

Is Arthritis Frustrating - What Is Frustrating About Arthritis
Arthritis can be frustrating. Some would say they hate having arthritis. Others accept it. But most would agree -- arthritis can be frustrating. What about arthritis is most frustrating?

Embarassing - Is Having Arthritis Embarassing
Do you think it's embarassing to have arthritis? Is it embarassing to walk with a cane, need a handicapped parking placard, get up slowly in a restaurant, walk with a limp, fumble change at a cashier? The list goes on.

Conceal Arthritis - Can You Conceal Arthritis
For various reasons, many arthritis patients try to conceal their disease -- especially early on. They conceal arthritis from their boss and coworkers, from their dates, from friends and even strangers. What is gained by concealing arthritis?

Arthritis and Personality Type
Your personality type may have an effect on how well you cope with the challenges of arthritis.

Readers Respond: How Did You React When Diagnosed With Arthritis?
Think back -- do you remember how you reacted when you were diagnosed with arthritis? What was it like to hear the words -- "you have arthritis?" Do you remember that the unknown frightened you? Were you emotional? Brave? In denial?

Has Arthritis Made You Ask "Why Me"?
Is "why me" a question you have asked yourself since you have been diagnosed with arthritis? Is "why me" a mentality you have developed that helps you cope -- or one you would like to shed?

The Many Emotions Of Chronic Arthritis
There is an emotional impact of living with chronic arthritis.

How To Deal With The Emotional Impact of Arthritis
Recommendations for adjusting to emotional impact of living with chronic arthritis.

Arthritis Can Cause Awkward Situations
Arthritis can lead to awkward situations. You can overcome the awkwardness by knowing just what to say.

Personality Traits: The Power Of Personality
Do certain personality traits affect the ability to better cope with arthritis?

Jealous Of Able-Bodied People?
Disabled people sometimes feel envy and jealousy toward able-bodied people.

Arthritis Patients Fear the Future
People diagnosed with arthritis can initially experience feelings associated with uncertainty and fear.

What's Behind The Stare?
The physical changes brought about by arthritis can lead to some awkward situations. The awkwardness can draw the stare of another person.  What is that person who is staring really thinking.

The Veil Of Isolation
The physical and emotional pain of arthritis can lead to social isolation.

Why Am I So Angry?
When arthritis interferes with achievement and desires the resulting frustration can mount into anger.

Declare Your Independence
Arthritis can interfere immeasurably with performing daily activities. Coping strategies may involve getting help from others, doing something differently, or finding a substitute for the activity.

Denial vs. Acceptance
Acceptance of a chronic disease does not usually come quickly after the initial diagnosis. Learning how to adapt can be a long process for some people.

3 Causes of Mental Clutter: Avoidance, Indecision, and Procrastination
Avoidance, procrastination, and indecision can contribute to many hours of mental anguish.

Venting Your Feelings in a Healthy Way
We all get tired and cranky, now and again, and aren't always as congenial as we should be when we communicate with others. Have you ever displayed impatience or frustration with your spouse, friend, or family member for no apparent reason?

Dislike Yourself - Do You Dislike Yourself
Arthritis can change many things. It can change your physical appearance. It can change your ability to work, to perform routine activities, or even leisure activities. It can change your personality. Have you changed? Do you now dislike the person you have become because of arthritis?

Diagnosed With Rheumatoid Arthritis - Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosed
It's difficult to be diagnosed with arthritis. The most difficult part is not knowing what comes with being diagnosed with arthritis -- what really lies ahead -- a lifetime of pain? Do you remember how you reacted when you were diagnosed with arthritis?

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