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Dog Arthritis - Canine Arthritis - Information on Arthritis in Dogs

Information on the causes, prevention, signs, symptoms and treatment options for arthritis and other related joint conditions in dogs.
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Human Arthritis Medications Not Appropriate for Pets
Animals get arthritis too. You may be tempted to share your arthritis medications with your pet. That decision could have fatal consequences.

Guide to Pain Medications for Dogs
Pain medications for dogs provide relief from painful arthritis, joint problems, or following surgical procedures.

Veterinary Q & A: Caring for Senior Dogs
Each dog, like each human, is different. Here are some general things to watch for as a pet ages.

Dog Musculoskeletal Diseases and Conditions
Muscular and skeletal diseases and conditions of dogs.

Canine Arthritis
Many forms of arthritis occur in the dog. The following list gives an idea of what the main types are: Osteoarthritis, Immune-mediated, Infective, and Idiopathic (where the cause is unknown).

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Dog Vs. Deer Tick (Image)
Ticks are small, insect-like creatures that live in woods and fields. They can attach to people or animals as they brush past bushes, plants, and grass. Ticks can be fairly large, as big as a pencil eraser, or so small that they are almost impossible to see. While most ticks do not carry diseases, some ticks can cause Lyme disease and other diseases.

Canine Lyme Disease Update by Jennifer Fry, VMD
Clinical syndromes of Canine Lyme Disease include arthritis, carditis (heart), nephritis (kidney) and neurologic abnormalities (seizures). Lyme arthritis is characterized by sudden onset of lameness, fever, lethargy, joint swelling and lymph node enlargement. This is the most common syndrome seen in practice.

Deer-Resistant Plants to Control Deer Ticks
Successful deer control gives you a leg up in Lyme disease prevention, since it helps keep deer ticks away. Are you seeking deer-proof plants for your landscaping? There are deer-proof plants, deer repellents, deer fencing and other gadgets designed to keep deer away.

Rheumatoid Arthritis in Dogs
Rheumatoid arthritis occurs most commonly in toy or small breeds of dogs, generally between 5 and 6 years of age, from PetEducation.com.

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