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Depression - Causes - Diagnosis - Symptoms - Treatment - Risk Factors

Depression causes, diagnosis, risk factors, symptoms, and treatment. Depression is often associated with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. Learn more about living and coping with depression.
  1. A - Z: Arthritis Symptoms
  2. A - Z: Support / Forum
  3. Dealing With Anxiety
  4. Dealing With Fatigue
  5. Dealing With Sleep Problems
  6. Dealing With Stress
  7. Dealing With Your Emotions
  8. Pain Relief
  9. Suicide / Suicidal Feelings

Appearance and Arthritis - Appearance
Arthritis can get you down, in more ways than one. It can even affect how much effort your put into your appearance. Have you let your appearance go since having arthritis?

Depression and Rheumatoid Arthritis - Common Comorbidities
Depression and rheumatoid arthritis often occur together. Those with depression and rheumatoid arthritis also seem to have more severe arthritis symptoms and pain.

When Does Sadness And Frustration Cross Over Into Depression?
Sadness is a normal emotion that we all feel at times. It's not the same as depression.

Treating Depression Relieves Arthritis Too
A new study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that treatment for depression also improved arthritis symptoms in older people suffering with the comorbid conditions.

Conquering Depression
Chronic illness has physical and emotional consequences. Arthritis has been linked to depression.

An In-Depth Report: Depression
An in-depth report on the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of depression.

Depression - elderly
Depression is a medical illness characterized by persistent sadness, discouragement, and loss of self-worth. These feelings are accompanied by reduced energy and concentration, sleep problems (insomnia), decreased appetite and weight loss. In the elderly, it also frequently presents with excessive concerns about bodily aches and pains.

10 Healthy Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk
Living with chronic arthritis can leave you feeling like the life has been sucked out of you. What can you do when you feel you're in a funk, grumpy, and disengaged from life? Here are 10 healthy actions to help you turn the corner.

Dysthymia (Chronic Depression)
Dysthymia is chronic form of depression, characterized by moods that are consistently low, but not as extreme as other types of depression.

Clinical Depression Screening Quiz
Do you think you may be suffering from clinical depression? This simple depression test cannot replace an evaluation by a professional, but it can familiarize you with the symptoms of depression and give you an idea if you may meet the diagnostic criteria for clinical depression.

Take the Depression Test
Do you have all the facts about depression? Take this depression test and find out!

Postpartum Depression Screening Quiz: Do you Have PPD?
A screening quiz to see if you or someone you know has any of the signs or symptoms of postpartum depression.

Wakefield Depression Test
This depression test can help you determine if your symptoms are severe enough for you to seek professional help.

Women Inherit Depression More Often Than Men
Study has found that genetics plays a bigger role in depression for women than it does for men.

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