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Book Excerpt: Leave No Nurse Behind - Nurses Working with disAbilities
Nursing is hard work, made even harder when you are sick yourself. Cary Jo Cook, RN, CMSRN, a nurse with rheumatoid arthritis and bipolar disorder, shares tips on how to keep working as a nurse with a disability.

Book Excerpt: Types of Pain from "Healing Pain"
An excerpt from Healing Pain by Ann Berger, MSN, MD and C. B. deSwaan explains the different types of pain.

Book Review: Overdosed America
Book review of Overdosed America by John Abramson, M.D., a book which exposes what's wrong with the pharmaceutical and health care industry.

Book Review: What To Do When The Doctor Says It's Rheumatoid Arthritis
You can do a lot to take control of your medical care according to a book about rheumatoid arthritis.

Book Review: Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld's 2005 Breakthrough Health
The latest medical breakthroughs for many medical conditions.

Book Review: Arthritis Without Pain - The Miracle Of TNF Blockers
An exceptional resource about the TNF blockers, that explains how these drugs work, how they compare to other arthritis drugs. Read about patient success stories and how this breakthrough class of drugs has changed lives.

Book Review: The Knee Owner's Manual - Total Knee Replacement & Rehab
Explains total joint replacement thoroughly and understandably. Written by experts with professional and personal experience.

Book Review: It's Not Just Growing Pains
Book review of "It's Not Just Growing Pains", a guide to childhood muscle, bone, and joint pain, rheumatic diseases, and the latest treatments.

Book Review: Getting Up Is Hard To Do
Getting up is hard to do, but giving up is out of the question.

Book Review: Coping With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Self-help for coping with rheumatoid arthritis, while the book serves as your companion to help guide you through difficulties.

Book Review: Mayo Clinic On Arthritis
Mayo Clinic book offers advice on living with arthritis and gears it towards self-help.

Book Review: Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis
The book attempts to take the reader to complete understanding of rheumatoid arthritis and improve their circumstances.

Book Review: The New Arthritis Breakthrough
Focuses on antibiotic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and related diseases.

Book Review: Arthritis What Works
Arthritis patients surveyed about what is helpful to cope with and relieve arthritis.

Book Review: Coping With Prednisone & Other Cortisone-Related Medicine
Prednisone was first thought to be a miracle drug but then the dark side became apparent.

Book Review: 250 Tips For Making Life With Arthritis Easier
Tips and advice for making daily life with arthritis easier.

Book Review: Beyond Chaos - One Man’s Journey
The journey of a spouse of a chronically ill person.

Book Review: Celebrate Life: Attitudes For Living With Chronic Illness
Chronic illness - adjust to your new reality.

Book Review: I'd Rather Be Working
Advice about making the choice to keep working when you have chronic illness.

Book Review: Conquering RA
Learning how to cope with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease which is potentially life-altering, is essential. Conquering RA by Thomas F. Lee, Ph.D. shifts the focus from "coping with" to "conquering" the disease.

Book Review: Conquering Arthritis
I hesitated to review this book. It focuses on subjects which seemed foreign to me (i.e. Arthritis can be caused by food sensitivity. Alternative treatments are more beneficial than conventional treatments...etc.) Realizing that what helps one person does not always help another and vice versa, I reconsidered.

Book Review: Living Well with Autoimmune Disease
Mary J. Shomon, author of "Living Well with Autoimmune Disease" began her own personal journey with autoimmune disease in 1995. Ultimately diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Mary first was treated by doctors who lacked sure answers and who also had an unacceptable disregard for the importance of recognizing symptoms as autoimmune.

Book Review: Nothing Is Impossible: Reflections on a New Life
The second book by Christopher Reeve, following his equestrian accident and resulting spinal cord injury in 1995, carries a message "to everyone whose life has been touched by disability".

An Excerpt from "A Resilient Life"
To live well with rheumatoid arthritis, you must be resilient. This excerpt from A Resilient Life by Kat Elton shows us how we become resilient when living with chronic disease.

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