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Top 5 Knee Supports

Helps With Joint Protection and Pain Relief


Updated May 29, 2014

Stabilizing and reinforcing the knee joint is important for people with arthritis of the knee. Knee supports can help with joint protection and pain reduction.

1. Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Support

The strap applies pressure to the patellar tendon below the kneecap to stabilize and tighten up the kneecap mechanism for added support.
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2. Mueller Wraparound Knee Brace Deluxe

Wrap around knee support gives stability to the knee. Velcro closures
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3. Ace Knee Brace with Side Stabilizer, Large

Wear the ACE brand with confidence. Knee support with extra stability on the sides.
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4. Thermoskin Arthritis Knee Wrap

Uses patented Trioxon lining to capture body heat to reduce arthritic pain in the knee as well as offering support.
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5. Wrap Around Hinged Knee Stabilizing Brace

Ideal for treating slight to moderate ligament sprains and tears, medial/lateral meniscal tears, arthritis, and knee joint instability.
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