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Jar Opener - Bottle Opener - Can Opener


Updated April 17, 2014

The simplest daily task or household chore can be a big deal to someone who has arthritic hands. Arthritis can affect manual dexterity. Assistive devices, such as a quality jar opener, bottle opener, or can opener, make up for an insufficient grip and lack of hand strength.

1. Magic Opener

3-in-1 opener, magnetized for easy storage. This multi-use opener is handy and easy-to-use. Opens tin caps, pull tabs (e.g., pull tab food can lids), and plastic caps. Opening water bottles has never been easier. Comes in attractive bottle-shaped design.

2. Black & Decker JW200 Lids Off™ Automatic Jar Opener

Indispensable for people who have difficulty opening jars is this electric jar opener that operates at the touch of a button with only one hand. Requires no hand strength or strenuous twisting. If opening jars is your problem, don't miss this product! My husband and I received one for a gift -- and a great gift it is!!
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3. Oxo Good Grips Jar Opener

Fits all lids. Just wedge jar into opener and crank off the lid. Still requires some strength.
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4. One Touch Jar Opener

Automatic, one touch operation. Align the jar opener motor driven clamps over any 1-4" lid and press the button -- it's that effortless.
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5. Hamilton Beach Walk 'n Cut Compact Electric Can Opener

Opens any size can. Attach to your can and watch it cut as it walks around the edge of the lid. Shuts off automatically. Rechargeable.
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6. Kuhn Rikon 2560 Gripper Jar Opener

Swiss jar opener. Twist the center handle to grip and untwist the lid. Opens threaded caps and lids from 1'' to 3-1/2'' in diameter.
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