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Top 5 Gel Packs - Hot / Cold Gel Packs


Updated June 15, 2007

Cold therapy is helpful for reducing swelling and inflammation. Heat therapy helps relieve pain, including localized arthritis pain. Pain relief is important for people with arthritis. Products which are convenient and easy to use are best. Gel packs, designed for heat and cold therapy, replace old-fashioned hot water bottles and electric heating pads. If you don't have one, consider one of these - including a gel pack which can be customized and personalized.

1. Custom Gelpax

Hot/cold gel packs which can be personalized for a gift, advertising, or promotion. A practical and versatile product for arthritis sufferers. Heat in the microwave or with hot water. Cool in the fridge or freezer. Comes in several sizes and colors. Various pads and wraps sold to go over the gel pack, to provide the most comfort. Can stay warm for 2 to 3 hours within a Gelpakwarmer. Read the manufacturer's FAQ for more information. Excellent, high quality product to have on hand.

2. Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Waterproof packs retain heat or cold for 20-40 minutes. Tough, flexible gel is covered with a four way stretch fabric. Heat in microwave - chill in freezer. Treat arthritis or aching muscles.
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3. 3M Nexcare Reusable Cold Pack with Soft Gel Pillow, 4"x10"

Reusable cold pack. Gel-filled pack chills in your freezer. Stores in your freezer conveniently so it's ready to use.
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4. THERAPRO HEAT Therapy Pack

Reusable heat gel pack. Heat in water or the microwave. Reduces pain, muscle aches, and muscle strain.

5. Original Bed Buddy Hot/Cold Pack

Can be microwaved for use as a hot pack, or refrigerated for use as a cold pack. Use it to soothe sore muscles, aches, and pains.
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