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Top 2 Gas Cap Wrenches / Gas Cap Turners


Updated July 30, 2012

One of our forum members wrote, "Every time I put gas in my car I have to find someone to unscrew the gas cap. Is there any device that will make turning the cap easier?"

The question provoked me to find out if a device had ever been designed to help remove gas caps for people with arthritic or weak hands. Designed specifically to add leverage while reducing stress on your joints, gas cap wrenches do exist.

1. Gas Cap Wrench (Red)

Tired of wrestling with the gas cap on your car? The ergonomically designed gas cap wrench is designed to help - just place the gas cap wrench over your gas cap and turn.

2. Gas Cap Wrench (Black)

Reduce stress on your joints while removing your gas cap. Place over your gas cap and turn. This device adds leverage.

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