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Foot Warmers Arthritis Patients Can Use

Pain-relieving. Comforting. Foot Warmers.


Updated September 26, 2009

Whoever invented foot warmers was a genius. Just ask any person with arthritis in their lower extremities -- especially their feet. There are different designs and various ways to use the products, but all foot warmers have a common goal -- your comfort. Foot warmers improve circulation and soothe pain.

1. Cozy Electric Foot Warmer Mat

The foot warmer generates gentle radiant heat, reaching 130 degrees in five minutes, but by drawing no more power than a light bulb. A rubber mat encases the heating element. You can use the foot warmer in front of any chair.
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2. Grabber Foot Warmers

Grabber foot warmers provide air activated, instant heat for 5 plus hours. Utilizes non-toxic, all natural ingredients that are non-combustible.
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3. Thermoskin Foot Warmers Pair

An anatomically shaped foot warmer that provides warmth to cold feet. The soft trioxin lining captures your body heat and raises the skin temperature to increase blood flow which helps reduce inflammation.
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4. Hydas 4576 Massaging Foot Warmer

Insert foot to get the perfect combination -- warmth and massage. Two speed controller can be used with or without heat. Soft woven fur foot bag comes in black.
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5. Generic Bed Buddy: Foot Warmers with Aromatherapy - 1 pair

Foot warmers with aromatherapy. Foot warmers made of 100% polyester fleece fabric. Fragranced with clove, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. Microwave-ready in minutes.
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6. Coghlan's 12 each: Disposable Foot Warmers

Sold as package of 12. Warms feet in shoes or boots for up to 6 hrs. Activates when removed from package and shaken.
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7. HeatMax Toastie Toes Foot Warmer

Air-activated toe warmers with full adhesive on one side that sticks to your socks to provide up to 5 hours of warmth. Best used by active sportsman who will be walking or moving continuously. Not optimal for those who will be stationary for long periods of time.
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8. Heated Shoe Insert Cozy Foot Warmers

Slip into your shoes and start warming your cold toes immediately. This product is a portable foot warmer shoe insert with super-thin embedded brass coils connected to two batteries. Inserts go anywhere, unnoticeable in any shoe, boot, or slipper.
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