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Top 3 Door Knob Grippers


Updated September 15, 2011

Opening a door is an easy task for most people, but can be a difficult task for people with arthritis. There are arthritis aids designed to help grip and turn a door knob. The door knob aid allows a person with arthritis to again open the door with ease by using leverage and securing their grip. Without a specially designed door knob cover to compensate for weakness, lack of grip strength, and pain caused by twisting the hand -- a person with arthritis continues to suffer unnecessarily.

1. Invacare Door Knob Twisters

Door knob grabbers for those who need a better grip. Sold in large quantity.

2. Ableware Door Knob Gripper

Grasping aid designed for those with arthritis of the hand or fingers or other grasping disabilities. The Gripper fits over round door knobs and outdoor water faucets. The outside is smooth and the inside is ribbed to firmly grip the door knob.

3. The Wright Stuff Door Knob Gripper

This door gripper slips over the existing door knob to reduce hand stress and give you a better grasp.

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